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The Stray Ghost (はぐれゴースト Hagure Gōsuto) is the forty-first episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


Seikai's recruitment of trying to teach a cowardly boy courage is hindered when a Yokai unexpectedly summons the boy's grandfather.


The Kakuranger are training with Jiraiya and Sasuke facing off against each other and Tsuruhime and Saizou; all while Seikai is napping. Without warning, someone throws an apple towards Seikai that he catches and eats; while a girl tells her brother, Shinya, that this is how a man should act, surprising the team. The girl introduces herself as Aki Hanaya and that they've been watching the team for a while training, with Aki asking Seikai to train Shinya; since their father is abroad working on a dam construction, their grandfather was watching them but the grandfather died and the boy has been down since then. Tsuruhime realizes that the boy loved his grandfather and Aki admits that her brother's a weakling and has further been weakened due to the passage of his grandfather, making her want to see him happy again and making her realize that Seikai is the only means to make him strong and manly, which he takes on.

Elsewhere, a strange lantern appears that asks for ghosts to be summoned; it summons five beings: four toughs and an old man whom their leader, Chouchin-Kozo, instructs that if they have any unfinished business, go and finish them, leading to four of them to start rampaging as the old man ghost hides. The female ghost appears to steal jewelry, the biker ghost rams through people and cars causing chaos, the soldier ghost shoots people through the streets and the ruffian ghost runs amuck trying to get food as he goes into a restaurant even as the Kakuranger try to stop him to eat everything in there. As the ruffian vanishes, Chouchin-Kozo reappears introducing himself to the Kakuranger stating modern ones can revive ghosts that unfinished business in the world; he did so with several knowing that when he does, they'll cause chaos throughout the world! Sasuke states he won't get away with it as the team transforms, but the duo are attacked by his ghost partners who ram through them and beat them up while using their ghost powers to attack them while they can't back in return! Tsuruhime tries to throw Shuriken but the ruffian one eats them until Chouchin-Kozo breathes fire at them.

Elsewhere, the old man ghost merely floats around until he hears Shinya being chased by Seikai, who states he wants to just be friends, but the boy tells him he doesn't want to. The ghost recognizes him as he appears to hit Seikai over the head with his cane and becomes beaten up by the old man! The ghost then rushes to Shinya.

Back at Daimaou's palace, Chouchin-Kozo appears before his master with a "lantern parade", stating they're celebrating world domination in advance and that his ghosts have done well and he'll be bring forth an army of ten-thousand ghosts to cause chaos! But Daimaou yells at him for bringing back Shinya's grandfather wondering who he is and Chouchin-Kozo blaming himself for not summoning a homicidal ghost as he wanted, making him go back out to replace the dud.

Sasuke shows confusion at how Seikai was attacked by Shinya's grandfather as the old man is soon seen being chased by the Yokai, making Seikai realize who it is as he staggers behind Seikai. But Sasuke soon throws an explosive as the ghost admits he just wants to see his grandson; Chouchin-Kozo tries to silence him and tells him that he has to be replaced with a homicidal ghost; Shinya's grandfather soon explains that while he was about to summon a homicidal ghost, his desire to see his grandson was so great he pushed him aside for the resurrection! The ghost pleads to go see Shinya, but Ninjaman soon appears telling them to pay attention to him and wonder about they could ignore his request and the fear of his replacement by a homicidal maniac. With all his heart, Ninjaman decides to take the old ghost on his back and run to save him while the Kakuranger charge the Yokai.

Not far away, Ninjaman and the grandfather soon see Shinya being beaten up by other boys and see this as unforgivable, but Seikai tells him he can't handle this; that the dead shouldn't be interacting with our world. However Ninjaman states it will be alright while the grandfather worries about his grandson. Seikai explains if he was always there for his grandson, how would it affect him; he would never be able to stand up for himself and remain a weak crybaby. However, Aki soon chases the boys away as Shinya looks at the watch his grandfather gave him; Aki offers to keep it since she sees it as the source of the problem but Shinya prevents it running away at his grandfather's tears.

Later, Shinya opens the watch to look at his grandfather; Seikai approaches wondering if it's a keepsake as the grandfather and Ninjaman watch; the boy states the watch doesn't work but it reminds him of the good times, recalling their time together. Shinya states Aki asked Seikai to make him manly but it isn't for him; Seikai denies that states that a strong man truly has a strong heart which he doesn't believe even when NinjaYellow states that's what a true hero is. However, the biker ghost soon appears to take him away as the ruffian ghost states that if the grandfather ghost doesn't show up to Chouchin-Kozo, his grandson will die as the grandfather and Seikai show disappointment and Ninjaman holds the grandfather back.

Shinya screams as Chouchin-Kozo holds on to him; the grandfather becomes determined to save him but admits this may be the last time he'll see Shinya and he'll never see him again! However Ninjaman decides to leap out instead, telling the Yokai to return him, but the Yokai states he steps out the boy will die; even complimenting when Ninjaman calls him a coward stating "cowardice is our specialty" as he breathes fire towards the ninja warrior making him fall. However without warning, Seikai appears and saves Shinya while vanishing with the boy and Ninjaman and getting him to safety. Yet when they appear and reunite with Aki and the other Kakuranger, Shinya reveals that he lost his grandfather's watch, forcing him to charge towards the Yokai; Aki tries to stop him but Shinya says he needs it as his last relic of his grandfather, charging regardless of the danger. Chouchin-Kozo summons the Dorodoro but the boy runs past as Seikai protects him; he bites on one that tries to catch him as the Yokai breathes out fireballs making him fall to the ground. But then, Seikai kicks Chouchin-Kozo away allowing for Shinya to get the watch, declaring he isn't a coward anymore, his desire to protect his legacy gave him courage and made him a man! Chouchin-Kozo states the boy isn't a man and he'll eliminate them but this angers Seikai as the team transforms forcing the Yokai to re-summon the four ghosts who start attacking; the female ghost shooting and the commando ghost using grenades. The ruffian breathes a toxic air and the biker rams into them. Seikai tells Shinya to run with his sister but the boy states he wants to fight with the Kakuranger; Seikai states he doesn't want to see his sister in danger making the boy finally understand and the duo running away with Ninjaman; the grandpa stating he'll be fine now and this is their true farewell. Meanwhile, Chouchin-Kozo breathes fire to them and states he'll finish them now until Shinya's grandfather appears before them; the Yokai states to get out of the way as the old man states farewell and enflames himself, scaring the other ghosts as he becomes a ball of light that harms the ghosts long enough for Sasuke to slash them all with the Lightning Cut, forcing Chouchin-Kozo to use the Yoki Cloud and the Kakuranger to summon Kakure Daishogun and Ninjaman to rejoin them. Chouchin-Kozo breathes fireballs as Ninjaman attacks him before he's called a novice turning him into Samuraiman and unleashing the Samurai Fury Bomber towards the Yokai before he's finished by Super Kakure Daishogun's Iron Fist Flying Finish while the Yokai worries about wanting to see the Victory Lantern Parade as he fades away.

Later, Shinya looks at his grandfather's watch, which is suddenly working to everyone's surprise; Seikai stating his grandfather is telling him to look forwards into the future and not look back as the boy yells out he'll handle things without him happily.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger Volume 4, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 4 features episodes 34-43.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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