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The Dangerous Couple!! (危険なふたり!! Kiken na Futari!!) is the forty-first episode of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger. It is the conclusion of the three-part transition of Baranoia's leadership, featuring the final battle of Bomber the Great and the ascension of Buldont & Multiwa to the machine empire throne.


Buldont and Multiwa take their places as the new leaders of Baranoia, crushing Bomber the Great while forcing him to be used in the most humiliating way possible for Earth's destruction.


As the Ohranger and Gunmazin fall to her attacks, Princess Multiwa announces she'll be taking Bomber the Great with her, shocking the Rangers and Bomber, the latter believing she is here to rescue him and celebrating this move! The princess soon fires an attack to inhibit the Ohranger from intervening before attacking them with quick attacks, crushing them in combat and even knocking Gunmazin back before returning to the cliff unharmed. Multiwa blocks the King Smashers while firing Multi-Arrows, joking about how surprisingly strong she is before blowing a kiss blowing them up as she leaves, Gorou acknowledging her as a powerful new opponent.

Returning to the Moon, Bomber curses out the Ohranger before he is attacked by Multiwa; Bomber thanks the princess for saving him and stating he had no idea she existed, but she states she was sleeping on another planet for a long time at the request of her aunt, Hysteria to become the future empress; then when she received Hysteria's power, she decided she would defeat Bomber and invade Earth herself! Multiwa fires a beam hurting Bomber stating he's finished as the emperor curses him before he's hit by another attack from above as the transformed Buldont appears before him stating "it's been some time". Bomber asks who he is as the prince reveals himself, shocking the Baranoia Emperor as he reveals he's received all the power of his father Bacchus Wrath to become the ultimate Warrior. Bomber mocks stating that even if he has become stronger, Buldont still can't beat him and he'll crush him again. The prince uses a whirlwind attack confusing Bomber as he's slashed again and again as he falls to his knees; Multiwa compliments him as Buldont laughs at him wondering if he's worthy of being emperor of Baranoia before asking the princess to join him in defeating him, which she shows joy wanting to fight alongside him. Annoyed by their flirting, Bomber launches himself while the duo fire their "Love-Love Pair Attack", a heart beam that throws the emperor down, making Bomber the Great give up the throne and trying to allow Buldont to spare him; but the prince states that isn't enough to quell his rage as he cuts off his right hand. Bomber is shocked as Multiwa decides to join in the fun, firing an arrow to chop off his other hand as Bomber yells at them to show mercy! Buldont states Bomber committed a great sin in trying to take over the Baranoia Empire and that he must atone by defeating the Ohranger; he and Multiwa laugh manically as they fire beams at the former emperor, paralyzing him.

At the UAOH Base, the Ohranger analyze the Multiwa battle, admitting she's stronger than any Machine Beast they've fought. Miura notices something strange is happening to Baranoia as an alert tells that something similar to a Machine Beast is approaching the planet, forcing the team to approach it. But Juri stops them as they hear the maniacal laughter of Buldont, who appears on the TV announcing himself, surprising that he has changed. Buldont reveals that Bomber the Great has yielded the throne to him and become his servant and as atonement, Bomber will now lead the Earth invasion as he continues to laugh.

In the city, a giant Bomber staggers laughing as he attacks buildings with abandon with his hands replaced by a sword on his right and a missile on his left. The Ohranger notice the sudden changes as the team transforms and summon the Blocker Robo to combat him. The enraged Bomber attacks the five robots, knocking them down before he's attacked by their projectiles and Red Blocker's Star Riser, paralyzing him long enough for the Ohranger to activate OhBlocker. Bomber fires an electrical attack from his sword hand pushing the mecha back before firing his "Great Bomb" from the missile hand. Buldont and Multiwa appear on Earth, the new emperor stating not only has he altered Bomber but also made him follow his orders and made him stronger than before! As Bomber appears to laugh, his original personality suddenly appears, stating he doesn't want to do this as he writhes in pain. Buldont states he did this so he would return to his lucid mind on occasion; Multiwa adding that this is a punishment and that the torture adds to the amusement. Bomber struggles as Gorou notes their cruelty before he fires his Great Bomb again. Riki arrives with King Pyramider firing the Super Burn Wave striking the missile man as he continues to attack as Gunmazin and Shouichi also appear to watch the battle. OhRed soon launches Tackle Boy and the Ohranger use Dynamite Tackle which Bomber withstands until the team activates King Pyramider Battle Formation and fuse with it using OhBlocker, using the Super Legend Beam to defeat the missile man, Bomber stating they finally got him and relenting he shouldn't have become Baranoia's emperor and that he really is just a lone wolf by nature. Stating his farewell, Bomber collapses, the team celebrating the victory.

But Buldont immediately states that the battle isn't over as a giant missile emerges from his body, the emperor stating that Bomber the Great was originally made from a missile; Multiwa stating they'll fire it into the sun, destroying it and causing a deep freeze that will wipe out all life on Earth! As the emperor orders the firing of the Great Missile, the Ohranger wonder what to do as it flies into the sky to accomplish it's final act. At UAOH headquarters, Miura acknowledges that this isn't a bluff and the missile does have the capability to destroy the Sun and it must be stopped to save the Earth. Buldont continues to yell at the Great Missile as it leaves Earth's atmosphere to destroy it's target in the depths of space. With no other options, Shouichi yells at Gunmazin to stop the Great Missile, which he acknowledges as he grows giant and flies into space as the Rangers and boy hope for his best. As the Great Missile approaches the sun, Gunmazin flies towards it trying to keep up, grasping onto it before turning it around stating that Shouichi will be safe as he throws it into space and detonates it, destroying it harmlessly. Miura acknowledges the mission accomplished as Shouichi wonders if Gunmazin is dead, Gorou acknowledging he is certainly alive somewhere.

At the Baranoia Palace, the Barlo Soldiers celebrate the marriage of the new couple: Kaiser Buldont and Empress Multiwa. Acha and Kocha also celebrate the new couple as the Barlo wish them success. On earth, the Ohranger watch helplessly as the team wonder what will happen next. Hysteria, weakened to the point of becoming a cane-using silver Dowager Empress, appears to congratulate her son and her niece before announcing that through the wedding of Buldont and Multiwa, a new Baranoia Empire has been born, which Acha, Kocha and the Barlo celebrate. Hysteria states that as Dowager Empress, she will support the new Emperor and Empress, the duo acknowledging graciously. Acha celebrates the wedding and states he's jealous, but Buldont notes how fickle the butler has been being loyal to Bomber until the previous day, but he states it's in the past and he dedicates his life to the new royalty. Speaking to the Baranoia soldiers, Buldont states the empire is entering a new era with the will of Bacchus Wrath and Hysteria, and that he will conquer Earth and be nothing like his predecessors and will make humanity suffer with unflinching cruelty and conquer the planet as he and his bride laugh and Hysteria admits the greatness of her son's new reign.

On Earth, the Ohranger stare up at the moon, Gorou admitting that with a more powerful Baranoia, the battle will be harder than before; the team stating they can't lose to this new era in order to protect peace on Earth as they join hands in unison against their new enemy.


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  • Viewership: 4.7%
  • This is the first time where King Pyramider's battle formation uses OhBlocker as its power source; however, the stock footage of the finisher continues to use Buster Ohranger Robo as the means of the finishing attack.

DVD Releases

  • Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Volume 4 features episodes 37-48.[1]
  • The complete Ohranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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