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A Big Counterattack on the Verge of Explosion (爆破寸前の大逆転 Bakuha Sunzen no Dai Gyakushū) is the forty-first episode of Battle Fever J.


Masaru befriends a giant mechanical doll being utilized by Egos to deceive and infiltrate Battle Fever's headquarters.


Masaru is caught in the middle of an armed bank robbery. The bank robbers discover a small mechanical doll in one of the boxes, that grows into a full sized person. He claims to be Kintaro, an android from the planet Ashigara, and saves Masaru. Naturally, Battle Fever is suspicious, but after an examination they cannot determine that he is from Egos. As he hangs out with Masaru, he paints manhole covers with paint he claims can be detected from his planet, but secretly he is marking the entrances to Battle Fever headquarters, and discretely attacks Battle Fever. However, as he spends time with Masaru, he begins to learn the meaning of friendship. Then, he stages the rescue of a little girl from Salome who has her at gunpoint. This earns Battle Fever’s trust and they bring him into their base. However, Makoto was investigating the warehouse where the bank robbers found him, and discover that he is truly Egos. When his true nature is exposed, he threatens to blow up Battle Fevers’ base, but his friendship with Masaru make him reconsider. He leaves the base for an open battle with Battle Fever, and before he is destroyed, bids farewell to the friend that he has gained.


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  • Viewership: 14.6%

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Battle Fever J Volume 4, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 4 features episodes 34-43. [1]


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