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Boy Majin Sword (少年魔神剣 Shōnen Majin Ken) is the fortieth episode of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.


A demonic sword summoned to Earth by Billion falls in the hands of Gaku's kendo student desiring to become strong like his teacher.


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  • In the end of the episode, Gaku's right arm was on a sling and is not an injury as his real injury was on his right shoulder blade where he got slashed by a brainwashed Manabu who wields the Majin Sword when he tries his best to regain control of his kendo student.


  • Viewership: 9.0%
  • Gaku is revealed to be as the Kendo master in this episode training his kendo students as he wears his blue kendo uniform in the sentai opening. But also wears red and white sneakers from his second outfit rather than his traditional geta from the sentai opening.
  • One of his kendo students who also possesses the majin sword is also named Manabu which is Gaku's other name in both Indonesian Dub and Philippine Dub of TV5.
  • Kazumi regains her third outfit since Episode 31 until the finale.
  • Gaku has a blood on the bridge of his nose after he was knocked off in the cliff by a possessed Manabu.
  • For the second time, Gaku wears his red jacket in a different design at the back and an emblem on the left side since Episode 15. But has battle damage when his right shoulder blade was injured from a brainwashed Manabu who wields the Majin Sword.
  • Gaku as FiveRed sacrifices his life to make Manabu regain control of himself by injuring his right shoulder blade with the Majin Sword to flow his blood from his injured shoulder blade but also reverting back to his normal state despite the injury. But in the end of the episode, Gaku's injury had his arm in a sling after destroying the Majin Sword from Fiverobo's Super-Dimension Sword. Although, Manabu touches his shoulder injury while his arm is in a sling which it hurts him.
  • Billion is able to gain a powerful armor and makes him enlarge while wielding the Majin Sword to confront the Fivemen and later their Fiverobo.
  • After forming the Fiverobo, it automatically wields the Super-Dimension Sword during the fight against Billion who wields the Majin Sword.
  • Gaku also reveals to be strict as a kendo master when he mildly slaps Fumiya's butt with his kendo stick while trying to train his kendo students.

DVD releases


Fiveman Volume 5, DVD cover

Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman Volume 5 features episodes 39-48. [1]


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