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The Iron Claw That Challenges Japan (日本に挑む鉄の爪 Nihon ni Idomu Tetsu no Tsume) is the third episode of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.


Sun Vulcan must stop a Black Magma campaign of murdering influencial people in Japan in order to get their hands on a massive stash of gold.


The episode begins with the Hell Fighters causing havoc on the city. The city attack is actually a diversion, while the Machineman, the Zero Girls, and Neumann Monger break into a bank's underground vault to steal golden bars. As the Cosmo Vulcan fights the Hell Fighters, the Bull Vulcan rescues the civilians trapped under the rubble. After learning of the diversion, the Sun Vulcan retrieve the stolen bars from Black Magma. After being targeted by Black Magma, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Nogawa attempts to flee the country to a safe house, but before boarding the plane, a Dark Q slips a bomb on him. Second after take-off, the bomb explodes and kills Dr. Nogawa and everybody else on board. After learning that the target will be national treasure Harunobu Doi, the Sun Vulcan set out protect him. In a failed assassination, the Dark Q agent gets destroyed. Black Magma kidnaps a class of thirteen students, including Harumi, the granddaughter of the Prime Minister. Black Magma plants a bomb on the bus demands the Prime Minister's gold bar cache within one hour in exchange for the children. The deal goes down to the hangar of the Guardians of World Peace's 16th division base. Sun Vulcan shows up and offers surrender themselves to be hostages instead of the children. Black Magma refuses, but the Jaguar Vulcan rescues the children and the men defuse the bomb. After defeating the Machinemen, the men attempt to destroy Neumann with the Vulcan Ball, but Neumann grows bigger. The Cosmo and Bull Vulcan combine to form the Sun Vulcan Robo. After a brief fight, the Sun Vulcan Robo destroy Neumann with the Aurora Plasma Return. The men take the children for a tour and the safari park and the episode ends.


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DVD releases

Sun Vulcan DVD Vol 1

Sun Vulcan Volume 1, DVD cover

Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan Volume 1 features episodes 1-10. [1]


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