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The Great Oil Hell Panic (油地獄大パニック Abura Jigoku Dai Panikku) is the third episode of Denshi Sentai Denziman. It introduces the children who will appear alongside Denziman at Kourakuen Health Club throughout the season, including Ken'ichi Ooishi, Santa Noda, Hiroshi Hirai, Katsuo Sano and Yumiko Nakagawa.


A Vader Monster causes chaos through the abduction and manipulation of oil tanks, which the Denziman must stop while saving several of Ippei's students.


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  • Viewership: 15.3%
  • Opening: The opening has several cosmetic changes as of this episodes as the following:
    • The beginning of Aah, Denshi Sentai Denziman plays out instead of starting several seconds in.
    • The "Denziman" in the bridge is only twice as in the song as opposed to three times like in the first version.
    • The footage of Akira Momoi is switched around, with the swimming scene first, then the modeling scene.
    • New footage of the Denziman using their powers is used after the cast introductions (DenziRed, DenziYellow and DenziPink using super-speed; DenziBlue and DenziGreen using Denzi Jump).
    • A "split screen" of DenziFighter becoming DaiDenzin is placed between the first "transformation" of the mecha and the final shot of the mecha with the Denziman.
  • Despite being the title of the opening episode, this is the episode where a train is set up for the Denziman, connecting Denzi Land with their civilian headquarters at Kourakuen Health Club.

DVD releases

Denziman DVD Vol 1

Denziman Volume 1, DVD cover

Denshi Sentai Denziman Volume 1 features episodes 1-9. [1]


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