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Big Counterattack! A Yellow Whirlwind (大逆襲! 黄色いつむじ風 Dai Gyakushū! Kiiroi Tsumujikaze) is the third episode of Himitsu Sentai Goranger.


Tsuyoshi and Daita sneak into a Black Cross base to steal an experimental bomb, leading to problems as a Masked Monster tries to get it back.


The episode begins with the Black Cross Army and two Black Cross scientists testing a out an explosion with a nuclear object. The explosion was a success, but an EAGLE agent, disguised as one of the scientists, sends a drawing of the object to the Gorengers. Later that night, Tsuyoshi and Daita break into the Black Cross Army's hideout and steal the object. Daita trips the alarm, but they manage to escape. The next day, Bronze Mask discovers the spy and kills him. Some Zoldars disguised as humans break into SnackGon and kidnap Taro. Daita chases them to their where he finds a big bowl of curry rice and begins eating. Shorty after, Bronze Mask shows up and demand the nuclear object back in exchang for Taro's life. Kirenger returns the object and Bronze Mask tells him that Taro is in the truck. Kirenger goes to rescue Taro, but only find a dummy. The real Taro is trapped in the rocket. The rest of the team team shows up Momorenger goes to free Taro. After she frees Taro, the males try to to defeat Bronze Mask, but he turns into a giant bronze jar. But the Gorengers destroy him when Kirenger throws Bronze Mask into the air and the team hit him with the Gorenger Storm. When they return to the base, they find Gonpachi, Yoko, Tomoko, and Haruko, who reveal themselves as EAGLE captain and agent 007-009, respectively. Gonpachi congratulates Daita on a job well done and the episode ends.


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Digital Releases

  • Himitsu Sentai Gorenger DVD Volume 1 features episodes 1-6.[1]
  • Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Blu-ray Volume 1 features episodes 1-16.


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