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Attack Deathtopia (デストピアを撃て Desutopia o Ute) is the third episode of Dai Sentai Goggle V.


Ken'ichi fights to save his climbing partner's sister after she is taken hostage by Deathdark.


The episode begins with Ken'ichi meeting his climbing friend Yusuke Kaji, and Yusuke's sister Mariko at Fourth Ridge. Mariko doesn't want his brother and Ken'ichi to leave, but Yusuke, having waited five years for his friend, promises that it would be his last time today. Just as Ken'ichi and Yusuke head off to start climbing, an earthquake erupts. The trio see Deathtopia arise from the sea. The three of them try to run, but the fault breaks open and Yusuke falls in. The Goggleceasar arrives and launches missiles at Deathtopia. Deathtopia launches the Death Fighters and they attack the Goggleceasar. GoggleRed uses the Goggle Jet to destroy the Death Fighters. Ken'ichi returns to the cabin where Mariko was hiding, but gets ambushed by the Spotmen. Marzuka takes Mariko and declares Fourth Ridge as territory of Deathdark, forcing Ken'chi to flee. Deathdark creates Octopus Mozoo to destroy the bridge that leads to Fourth Ridge. Ken'ichi finds Kaji and they go to rescue Mariko. The rest of the team, while searching for Ken'ichi, also agree to rescue Mariko. Ken'ichi and Yusuke plan to climb by rope from a ravine to save Mariko, but get caught and captured. GoggleBlack, GoggleBlue, and GogglePink distract Octopus Mozoo, while GoggleYellow rescues GoggleRed, Yusuke, and Mariko. The rest of the team arrives. After defeating the Spotmen, Goggle V destroys Octopus Mozoo, with the Goggle Victory Flash, but Gorilla Kong arrives, resurrects Octopus Mozoo, and absorbs him. Goggle Jet, Tank, and Dump combine to form the Goggle Robo. After a brief fight, Goggle Robo destroys Gorilla Kong with the Electron Galaxy Cut, forcing Deathdark to retreat. The team bids farewell to Yusuke and Mariko and the episode ends.


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  • Viewership: 15.7%

DVD releases

Goggle V Volume 1, DVD cover

Dai Sentai Goggle V Volume 1 features episodes 1-10. [1]


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