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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of gun violence and alcohol use. Viewer discretion is advised!

American Ninja (アメリカン忍者 Amerikan Ninja) is the third episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It is the first of a two-part story involving the Kakuranger facing a squadron of organized Yokai lead by Azukiarai, it introduces the remaining Giant Beast Generals following the introduction of Red Saruder in the previous episode as well as fully introduces Jiraiya/NinjaBlack and completes the Kakuranger as a team.


Jiraiya, the fifth Kakuranger finally appears; but confused his teammates both in his foreign mannerisms and in his strange alliance with a grumpy cabby Yokai.


After a recap by The Announcer of Sasuke defeating Kappa and Rokurokubi, Saizou complains that he's the only one that possesses a Ninpou to summon a Beast General and that the others may have their own scrolls somewhere; but Sasuke brags he's probably special due to this as Tsuruhime yells at them to help her sell crepes through their Nekomaru-based stand. Sasuke declines claiming their job is to defeat the Yokai, not sell crepes; yet the female Kakuranger states that defeating Yokai won't help them make money as Seikai hands out the completed food to customers. Tsuruhime asks Seikai to have steak with the money they make forcing Sasuke and Saizou to join them in their intended jobs.

The Announcer then introduces the episode's Yokai, as the scene changes to a taxi driver with a black nose being tormented by a mother and child, his ear being pulled as he's being nagged he missed the turn for their destination; then dealing with a drunk that makes him feel disturbed as the man pukes on him. The taxi driver wonders why he has to deal with so many bad things as a third customer wonders if the meter is broken for constantly increasing the cost of the ride leading to him abandoning the taxi refusing to pay the fare! The driver yells that he won't forgive them as he transforms into his true form as Oboroguruma claiming he'll run the boy over and chases after him before ramming into him! The announcer then further explains Oboroguruma as a courier of misfortune in today's world.

Oboroguruma soon rams through the tables near Nekomaru as Tsuruhime summons bikes known as the Shark Bleeders, Shark Launcher and Shark Slider for the four them to use to pursue the Yokai. Oboroguruma releases "Toot Toot Gas", which hits them with a fart-like smell making the team disturbed until Sasuke shoots his Kakulaser at the Yokai forcing him to crash. However as the team prepares to attack Oboroguruma, a cowboy on roller skates shoots NinjaRed's Kakulaser's from his hand with an actual gun before leaping over the team kicking Sasuke and protecting the Yokai! Saizou wonders who he is as Sasuke throws his Red Slicer, but the cowboy continues to shoot them as Oboroguruma and the mysterious English-speaking cowboy leave the scene.

Meeting with Sandayuu, the team are shocked to find out that this cowboy is Jiraiya, the fifth member of their team; but Sasuke wonders why he got in their way. Sandayuu merely complains that Tsuruhime's crepes aren't sweet enough before explaining that his family moved to America long ago and they had lost track of them and thus no idea what he's thinking, the team stating that they just can't trust someone like him. At an oden stand, the human Oboroguruma thanks Jiraiya for saving him and complains about how terrible humans are, their manners being worse than Yokai! The Yokai asks the cowboy why he saved him despite being a ninja and against them; Jiraiya states he understands how Oboroguruma feels and shouldn't be treated this way, but the Yokai complains he doesn't understand English but thanks him regardless. Saizou and Seikai spy on the duo, Seikai wondering how delicious the oden looks while the Yokai offers to take Jiraiya to introduce him to his boss, a Yokai named Azukiarai, peaking Jiraiya's interest as the duo leave. Saizou and Seikai try to pursue but Jiraiya throws an egg into Seikai's mouth making him fall over as the two escape.

At a Yokai bar, Oboroguruma states that his boss believes it is now time for the Yokai to unite and fight humans which he agrees with believing it's time to get back at what they've done to them and it will be easier with a Kakuranger on their side. The duo continue to go through the bar until Oboroguruma takes Jiraiya to the door of Azukiarai's office trusting him with whatever happens. The cowboy goes in and discovers a smokey cavern, avoiding spears and fire traps attacking him. At Nekomaru, Seikai reveals there was a letter in the egg Jiraiya threw at him but since it was in English, he couldn't read it. The letter states that Jiraiya will join the team once he brings back "the four scrolls", Saizou confirming that these scrolls are the ones for the rest of the team.

Back in the cavern, a new door opens as Jiraiya is thrown inside, throwing him into the cell of a police station where Azukiarai, disguised as a policeman with spots on his face, shows himself stating he was waiting for him! Azukiarai states he knew he came from America searching for him via a Yokai network in America. He states that Jiraiya thinks he has the other four hidden scrolls for the Kakuranger, which the Yokai confirms as true, having stolen and hidden them 400 years ago with the Jiraiya family traveling the world in search leading to this confirmation. Jiraiya yells at Azukiarai to show him the scrolls, with the officer stating he'll show them as a gesture of respect to the cowboy, transporting them to a cliffside looking over a fiery pit! Azukiarai shows the scrolls on a rock pile near the pit, but the Yokai states he must die before he can get his hands on them, pushing the prison cell into the pit with Jiraiya inside it as it rolls down the pit while yelling that his friends will likewise die! Jiraiya throws out a rope stopping his fall; but is soon confronted by Oboroguruma who yells that he tricked an honest Yokai like him and shoots him for betraying his trust. As Jiraiya remains stunned, a vision of the five ninja ancestors appears before him, the ancient Tsuruhime stating she was the one who told him Azukiarai had the scrolls but to get them back with his allies instead of showing off; further being reprimanded by the ancient Jiraiya! As the modern Jiraiya yells for them to help him, the ancient one states this will be the only time they will do so as he summons his Kakurenmaru; being spotted by the modern Tsuruhime with the team pursuing in Nekomaru and the ancient vision throwing him the Doron Changer. As Oboroguruma continues his attack, Jiraiya transforms into NinjaBlack for the first time and escapes as the other Kakuranger soon join with him and finally joining together as a full team: the Ninja Sentai Kakuranger!

Oboroguruma, still angry, states he will kill all humans one by one before he's struck by the lightning of the Yoki Cloud making him rampage through a nearby city as revenge. Sasuke soon summons Red Saruder to attempt to stop him but Oboroguruma's speed and powers rams through him with ease! As NinjaWhite wonders how they'll handle this, Jiraiya tries to reveal that their scrolls are nearby but no one realizes it due to his English! As they finally realize it is their scrolls, Saizou wonders how they'll get them due to the fiery pit; but Tsuruhime forces Jiraiya to get them as punishment; speaking in Japanese as Seikai forces him to go through with it. Using a grappling hook, he climbs down but Oboroguruma uses his Blazing Bullet Ninpo to hamper his movement; NinjaBlack yells for help with the team shooting the giant with their Kakulaser allowing for Jiraiya to get the scrolls. With their new Scrolls in hand, the team summons their new Giant Beast Generals: White Kark, Yellow Kumard, Blue Logan and Black Gammer. Sasuke announces they won't let Oboroguruma do as he wants as the team forms a tower and their Vacuum Hurricane Ninpo, striking the Yokai to his death as he complains one last time about his being bullied by humans!

Later, Jiraiya takes up his job at Nekomaru flirting with a customer as Saizou and Seikai complain about how cool he now looks despite his cowardice earlier. Jiraiya yells at how he helped them as the Announcer states they were successful. However elsewhere, the Yokai policeman steps into a trash can and reveals his true form as Azukiarai prior to the Announcer stating this is "To Be Continued".


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Kakuranger DVD Vol 1

Kakuranger Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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