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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Pleasurable Abare Queen is the thirty-seventh episode of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. It features the transformation of Apostle of Dawn Reje into the form of Apostle of Dawn Rejewel. It also introduces the new Bakuryuu combination MaxRyuuOh, the combination of MaxOhJa and the four auxiliary Bakuryuu (Bacchi-Chan, Dimeoko, Parasa, and Ankylo).


Reje transforms into a mature woman in order to please Mikoto, using her new power and command to lead a scheme to separate children and families with a Giganoid.



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  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider 555Icon-crosswiki.png episode 40, Proof of HumanityIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Viewership: 7.1%
  • Brachio's Line: "A man's willpower is not for show. It is to protect your smile till the end-bra!" (男の意地はダテじゃない 守り抜くブラ 君の笑顔を Otoko no iji wa Date janai mamorinuku bura-kun no egao o)
  • Pre-Ending Question: What is it that the mystery girl senses?
    • Answer: A struggle occurring for the one within the Armor of Darkness.
  • The game console Yujiro is seen playing at the start of the episode is a Neo Geo CD,A system relized by NEC in Japan in 1994 that was discontinued in 1997

DVD releases

Abaranger Volume 10, DVD cover

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Volume 10 features episodes 37-40: Ep. 37: Pleasant Feeling, Abare Queen, Ep. 38: The Blooming AbarePink, Ep. 39: Good Luck! Abare Father and Ep. 40: Behead the Abare Armor!. [1]


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