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The Blown-Up Wedding (爆破された結婚式 Bakuhasareta Kekkonshiki) is the thiry-sixth episode of Battle Fever J.


Maria is set up by Salome to take the fall for attempting to blow up her cousin's wedding ceremony.


Maria attends the wedding of her cousin, Yoshiko. Yoshiko and Maria are the same age, and grew up together. As a wedding gift, she gives Yoshiko an inscribed music box. However, during the reception, Sarome switches the music box with an identical box implanted with a bomb. When Yoshiko opens the box, Maria hears the bomb ticking and throws it out the window just in time. However, as it was Maria’s gift, everyone accuses her of planting the bomb out of jealousy of her cousin. After she is arrested by the police, Tetsuzan Shogun arranges for her release to Battle Fever’s custody. The only hope of clearing her name, is to find the real music box with Maria’s inscription. As Egos also searches for the real music box, they corner the wedding director, who remembers that the bride’s other cousin, a little girl named Kumi, was eyeing the music box. When Maria also tries to talk to the director, he runs to his car which explodes upon ignition. Her presence, witnessed by the police, further incriminates her. However, Jin helps her escape and search for Kumi who is in danger from Egos. They arrive just in time as Sarome gets the real music box from Kumi and is about to kill her. With her name cleared, Maria is free to fight the real bomb kaijin.


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Battle Fever J Volume 4, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 4 features episodes 34-43. [1]


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