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The Great Starvation Panic (腹ペコ大パニック Harapeko Dai Panikku) is the thirty-fifth episode of Battle Fever J.


Battle Fever work to stop an Egos plot to reduce fish catches in order to monopolize on rising food costs.


Egos unleashes a brilliant, multi-layered plan to wreak havoc on Japan’s economy. First they terrorize and destroy all of the fishing boats. Then they split Tokyo, by using a huge 190 car accident to destroy the Tomei highway, so that more fish cannot come in from the Kansai region. They then use Tozai Supermarket to charge increasingly outrageous fish prices. Finally, they use the critic Otaguro to spread panic using the mass media. Their scheme unfolds perfectly, and as fish is a staple commodity to the Japanese, every other item begins increasing radically in price, sending Japan’s economy spiraling downward (unnervingly similar to our own gasoline crisis today). When Tomoko reveals that she bought fish near the town of Chiba for much cheaper, Battle Fever begins investigating the Tozai Supermarket. In trying to trace where they are getting their fish, Kyosuke and Shirou nearly get themselves blown up. Then, under cover as Tozai Supermarket employees, Maria and the girls get trapped in the freezer and nearly frozen to death. Luckily Shirou returns to see the Tozai manager giving Salome a huge payment, and rescues the girls in time. As things get worse, Japanese children are beginning to suffer from undernourishment. Then Makoto, acting on his own again, decides to go fishing. Although Kyosuke accuses him of relaxing while they are all busy investigating, Makoto cleverly baits the Egos kaijin into attacking him. He tags a transmitter onto the kaijin and traces their fish supply route to Tokyo Aquarium, so Battle Fever can ride in to confront Egos.


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  • Viewership: 15.2%

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Battle Fever J Volume 4, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 4 features episodes 34-43. [1]


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