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Ep. 34: The Space Dragon Appears! (宇宙凶竜現る! Uchū Kyō Ryū Arawaru!) is the thirty-fourth episode of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. It is the first of a two-part arc featuring the full debut of Pricious, the fifth general of the Druidon Tribe and his personal monster, the Space Dragon. It also features the return of the Elder since episode 6.


A letter directly from the elders of the Ryusoul Tribe arrives for Koh, telling him that an enormous mass of energy that is presumed to be the true form of the Druidon, is fast approaching Earth. At the same time, a new general named Pricious appears before both Wizeru and Gachireus. Despite being from the same tribe, Pricious betrays Gachireus and takes the Space Dragon in order to destroy the city. In order to gain enough power to stand a chance against what's coming, the Ryusoulgers challenge the Precipice of Trials, a long-standing tradition of the Ryusoul Tribe.


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