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The Dark General Who Laughs at Hell (地獄で笑う闇将軍 Jigoku de Warau Yami Shōgun) is the thirty-fourth episode of Battle Fever J.


Makoto's new membership in Battle Fever becomes suspect when he goes after a personal vendetta against an old enemy.


An incident involving a shipment of illegal firearms prompts the police to ask for Battle Fever’s help. The weapons prove to be Killer X P47 handguns; a firearm that was manufactured by the Shogun of Darkness, an illegal arms manufacturer, 5 years prior. While Battle Fever begins searching for the smuggling operation, Makoto mysteriously begins his own private search for the Shogun of Darkness, under the guise of a South American buyer. When he is taken blindfolded to the Shogun’s lair, he tries to assassinate the Shogun. However although he shoots him squarely in the chest, the Shogun does not die, and Makoto gets thrown off a cliff in a car. Although Battle Fever recovers him, Makoto mysteriously tenders his resignation. He then tries to develop a more powerful armor piercing weapon. When he retraces his path to the Shogun’s lair (purely by sounds), he makes it in and successfully shoots the Shogun. But the Shogun of Darkness turns out to be an Egos kaijin, and Jin is trapped. Luckily, the others arrive in time to save him. In the end, they learn that Makoto’s brother, Akira, was killed by the Shogun of Darkness in an investigation two years prior, and that he just didn’t want to involve them in his personal vendetta.


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Battle Fever J Volume 4, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 4 features episodes 34-43. [1]


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