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The Missing Power Gun (消えたパワーガン Kieta Pawā Gan) is the thirty-second episode of Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.


The Dynaman must prevent a powerful new gun invented by a friend of Doctor Yumeno from falling into the hands of the Jashinka.


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  • Viewership: 10.7%
  • This episode is the Dynaman movie repurposed to serve as a TV episode.
    • In a roundabout, unofficial way, this make this episode the first Showa Super Sentai episode to appear on Blu-Ray via the movies box set released in 2011, before the release of the Himitsu Sentai Gorenger series on Blu-Ray in 2017. [1][2]
  • Due to this being a film prior to her introduction, this is the only Dynaman episode without Princess Chimera after she first appeared in episode 8.

Changes from movie to episode

Dynaman movie and episode framing 2.jpg
Dynaman movie and episode framing 1.jpg

Changes were made to repurpose the Dynaman movie to air as a TV episode. To start with, the movie's 16:9 aspect ratio had to be converted into a 4:3 ratio although, comparing the both framings, the film was SHOT in 4:3 then masked to 16:9.

Six minutes of the movie had to be cut to fit an episode's twenty minute runtime. Due to the cutting, music changes were also to cover for the mismatched music that would've resulted had the producers kept it as is.

  • Other than the movie's Toei Studios logo being cut, the very first change is that the episode's opening sequence uses the version with Dr. Yumeno in a newer uniform compared to the movie's earlier version.
  • Dr. Kida's first test of his gun on a car is cut, starting the episode directly with the Dynamen testing their flying bike.
  • Part of the flying bike testing is cut, going directly to it flying.
  • When Dr. Kida is demonstrating to the two potential buyers (Tail Soldiers in disguise), he destroys an island in the episode while he destroys a city in the movie.
  • The scene of transformed Dynamen fighting uses a vocal song in the episode compared to the instrumental piece in the movie version.
  • DynaBlue and DynaBlack's fight with Tail Soldiers on the narrow bridge/structure is cut, as is most of DynaPink's solo fight as Dr. Kida is being rushed into the car.
  • The second half in the Jashinka Empire's liar, where Prince Megiddo getting upset and staking his tails on retrieving the gun, is cut.
  • Half of the scene where the kids and Dr. Yumeno ask Dr. Kida to come back to the adventure club is cut. Them asking is summarized by the narrator then cutting directly to Dr. Kida refusing. Part of Dr. Kida reacting to Dr. Yumeno and the kids is also cut.
  • Music is added to Dr. Kida running from the kids before Spider Evo grabs him and the movie's music is used again.
  • Most of the Dynamen and Tail Soldiers sequence is cut. This deletes that the Tail Soldiers briefly disguised themselves as they had in the original movie.
  • Different music is used for when the Dynamen and Tail Soldiers are fighting, as in the helicopter scene.
  • Some of them shots of the Dynaman avoiding the weapons and attacks are removed, particularly chunks of them getting attacked by themselves. Again, different music is used.
  • Music is added to the kids hiding the gun and doesn't go back to the movie's music. The narrator explains about the hiding the gun then returning to the Invention Club.
  • The sequence of the Dynamen regrouping is cut, going from Prince Megiddo threatening the kids directly to them leading the villains.
  • Once again, different music is used in the scene of the Dynamen arriving and roll call.
  • A shot of the Dynamen flipping into battle is cut and the episode once again replaces the film music, this time with the OP.
  • Most of the fight against the Tail Soldiers from the Dynamen's vehicles is cut.
  • Shots of the Dynamen running from the helicopter are cut.
  • The shot of Prince Megiddo running away is trimmed.
  • DynaRed's solo fight is cut and everything between that and DynaBlack's fight with his Black Clone Art attack is deleted, as is part of DynaBlue's Surf Jet.
  • The TV episode cuts DynaPink's Pink Shocking Melody, the team's Mach Dash, and all but DynaRed's and Black's final attacks on the Tail Soldiers.
  • A team flip and Dyna Kick against Spider Evo is cut.
  • Dr. Yumeno confirming the order to send DyJupiter and shots from the team running towards it is cut.
  • Them settling into their cockpits and DyJupiter coming towards camera are omitted, as well as attacks against Spider Evo before forming Dyna Robo.
  • Parts of Dyna Robo forming are either cut or shown in a split screen. Part of the fight is also cut.
  • Dr. Kida and the three kids pushing their bike away is the final cut to make the Dynaman into a TV episode. The narrator also closes out the truncated ending, going over some dialgoue. The episode adds the ending sequence (absent from the movie) and a preview for the next episode.

DVD releases

Dynaman Volume 4, DVD cover

Kagaku Sentai Dynaman Volume 4 features episodes 31-40. [3]


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