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Hometown Homicide Village is the thirty-second episode of Battle Fever J.


Masao receives a letter from his childhood friend, Urano Yoshino, inviting him back home to Fubuki Village for the Mizukumi Festival. The festival is held only once in 10 years, and the person selected kami (god) of the festival has to carry water to the temple for 3 days and nights. However, when he gets there he discovers that Egos has captured the village elders and if he tries to resist, they will all be killed. They then drug him, so that he can’t speak, and when he is elected as the kami, they use the religious trial to torture him. When the Kyosuke and Shiro arrives to participate in the festival, Masao uses eye morse code to inform Kyosuke of the hostages. However, in their rescue attempt they are captured with the villagers and trapped with a bomb. It’s up to Kensaku and Maria to rescue everyone before it’s too late.

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