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Violent Dash Truck Siblings (激走トラック兄妹 Gekisō Torakku Kyōdai) is the thirty-first episode of Battle Fever J. It is also the one-hundred and fiftieth episode of Super Sentai overall.


A ruffian truck driver and his little sister are put in danger when Kensaku brings him in to help Battle Fever on a gold transport operation.


Kensaku runs into an old friend, Tetsuo, and his sister Sachiko. Sachiko is always crying, because her brother, a trucker, can’t keep a job. He’s always wandering off of his truck route when uninterested, getting into races, and winding up in fist fights. Feeling sorry for him, Kensaku offers Tetsuo a driving job, when the Defense Department asks Battle Fever to secretly escort 50 billion dollars in gold. As expected, during the convoy, Egos attacks, and Tetsuo drives off in fear. When Kensaku tries to protect him, he is caught in an explosion powerful enough to knock him out of his battle suit, and Egos makes off with the truck. Kensaku entrusts Testsuo with the key, and tells him to run. Without the key, if Egos tries to force open the truck, it will explode and destroy the gold. However, when Egos pursuit overwhelms him, Tetsuo tosses the key in the river. Egos then kidnaps Sachiko in exchange for the key. Battle Fever searches for the key, but it is an injured and battered Kensaku who finds it. During the exchange, Egos reneges on their part and takes Sachiko back as insurance. However, Kyosuke puts a transmitter on the key that allows them to find her and recover the stolen gold, and Tetsuo vows to straighten up.


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  • Viewership: 10.5%

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Battle Fever J Volume 3, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 3 features episodes 23-33. [1]


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