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Red Impact! The Spy is a Fourth-Grader (赤い衝撃! スパイは小学四年生 Akai Shōgeki! Supai wa Shōgaku Yonensei) is the thirty-first episode of J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai.


Iron Claw sends out an Invader Robot to integrate himself in society to become the perfect spy that J.A.K.Q. can't even touch.


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  • Viewership: 7.8%
  • The Japanese pop duo Pink Lady is referred to for a second time in this series, with Karen mimicking their movements to the song "Nagisa no Sinbad"' when fighting the Crimers. She even refers to herself (as Heart Queen) as a "pink lady" when doing so.

DVD releases

J.A.K.Q. Volume 6, DVD cover

J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai Volume 6 features episodes 30-35: Ep. 30: The Code That Calls Death! Deadly Poison, Cobra Twist, Ep. 31: Red Impact! The Spy is a Fourth-Grader, Ep. 32: Which is the Real One?! Danger, Big One, Ep. 33: The Blitzkrieg Squad Annihilated?! CRIME's Cooking Class, Ep. 34: Infiltration! CRIME Fortress Island, and Final Ep.: Big Victory! Farewell, J.A.K.Q.. [1]


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