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Crash!! Secret Operations (衝撃!!秘密作戦 Shōgeki!! Himitsu Sakusen) is the thirty-first episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It is the tribute to Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, as well as the beginning of a two-part story which concludes with One Power. It features the revelation and debut of Basco ta Jolokia's true monstorous form.


With the next fortune being "Uao", the Gokaigers seek out their next clue until they find a sign at an amusement park that says "Greater Power found here", and they find Momo Maruo, the former OhPink of the Ohrangers. However, Basco has also managed to find this Greater Power, and has been approached by Goro Hoshino, the former OhRed.


At UAOH HQ, Goro Hoshino learns that the Earth Defense Force has been wiped out and the Changemen's Greater Power taken as he tells his aide Momo Maruo that they must begin their own operation. On the Gokai Galleon, confused by Navi's fortune being "Uao" (sounding like "Wow"), the crew thinks it might have something to do with a roller coaster.

They head to an amusement park for clues as they find Momo with a sign as she calls out for the Gokaigers. After she is formally introduced to the pirates by Gai, Momo reveals that she will give them the Ohrangers' Greater Power in return for a series of menial tasks. The Gokaigers agree until the tasks start to wear on the others when Joe points out that Momo is hiding something from them. Confronting her, Momo reveals that she has been keeping the Gokai Galleon crew distracted so Goro can make a deal with Basco...

Elsewhere, Goro has contacted Basco with an offer... if Basco provides info on the coordinates of the Gigant Horse then Goro will willingly hand over the Ohrangers' Greater Power.

Aboard the Galleon, Momo explains that while Goro is making a deal with Basco it isn't what they assume as Goro's plan is actually to try and get the stolen powers back by luring the privateer into a trap while Momo has orders to hand over their Greater Power in case Goro fails. The crew however refuses to take something that they're just offered... they're pirates, so they feel they have to earn it properly.

Meanwhile, Goro fails in his attempt to take out Basco, who sets Sally on him. However suddenly chains rise from the ground and capture Basco and Sally, as Goro's back-up plan takes effect. He reveals that he has laced the warehouse they are in with bombs that he intends to detonate, taking out Basco once and for all. However, when he presses the detonator nothing happens. Basco is released from his bounds by the Wolzard Fire clone, while the clones of Signalman, DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Princess ShinkenRed, Rio and Mele have already disarmed and removed all the bombs. The clone of Zubaan releases Sally, as Basco attempts to take Goro's Greater Power. Goro, surprised when the Rapparatta's tune begins to draw the Ohrangers' power out of him, communicates with Momo desperately asking her why she hasn't handed the Greater Power over to the Gokaigers yet.

At the last second, Basco is stopped as the Gokaigers arrive, and Momo convinces Goro to let the Gokaigers do things their way. Basco has the clones fight the Gokaigers, and things are made worse when the clones of Wolzard Fire and Zubaan grow.

As Gokai Silver takes to GoZyuJin to defeat Wolzard Fire and Zubaan, the rest of the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Ohrangers while receiving the team's Greater Power. By using the Ohrangers' signature attacks, the Gokaigers manage to defeat the warriors as Gokai Silver gets the Ranger Keys before Sally can retrieve them. With no more Ranger Keys in his possession, Basco seems defenseless as he signals Sally to stand aside when Captain Marvelous charges him. However, Basco reveals his true monstrous form before breaking Gai's arm and easily crippling the rest of the crew (while Damaras watches from the Gigant Horse with interest). After revealing that he has the Greater Powers of the Changemen, the Flashmen and the Maskmen, Basco spares the Gokaigers' lives so they can continue with their quest and make his job of getting the Greatest Treasure in the Universe easier. As Goro and Momo arrive to help the fallen heroes, Marvelous vows revenge against Basco.


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Elements/Homages to Ohranger

  • The title of this episode homages Ohranger in its structure; like many of the early episodes, the title begins with an exclamatory with two exclamation points, followed by a subject tied to the exclamation that is connected to the episode.
  • The amusement park being Momo's choice of the meeting point for the Gokaigers is a reference to Minoru Uesugi making a pun of U.A.O.H.'s name with amusement park (遊園地 Yuenchi) in Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger.
  • The usage of Zubaan both as Basco's ally and as the opponent of the mecha connects to Gunmajin, a similar mecha-like being used in Ohranger.


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider Fourze episode 4, Changing Illusion, Secret Maneuver.
  • Viewership: 5.3%
  • Total Greater Powers Collected:
    • Gokaigers: 25
    • Basco: 3
  • Despite this being the Ohranger tribute episode, Gai does not change into KingRanger when the Gokaigers become the Ohrangers.This links to the next episode where the core Gokaigers are the ones to utilize the Ohrangers' Greater Power.
  • This episode opens with Basco attacking a male member of the Earth Defense Force and taking the Greater Power of the Changemen. However, the Changeman is not identified.
    • This episode has shown that Basco had stolen the Greater Powers of Flashman and Maskman offscreen.
  • This is the only tribute episode to play a song from a previous Super Sentai other than the theme song. In this case, Nijiro Crystal Sky.

DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Ep. 29: The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination, Ep. 30: Just a Lone Friend's Soul, Ep. 31: Crash!! Secret Operations and Ep. 32: One Power. It was released on February 21, 2012. [1]


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