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The Villainous, Omnivorous Head Chef (悪漢雑食の料理長 Akkan Zasshoku no Ryōrichō) is the thirtieth episode of Battle Fever J.


Shirou tries to coax Masaru into spending more time outdoors as a gourmet starfish Egos Monster prepares to eat Battle Kenya.


Egos creates a kaijin, based on a starfish, that will desire only the first thing that he ever eats. So Egos commandos steal Shirou’s clothes and feed them to him. After the kaijin ravenously devous them, he is primed to eat Battle Kenya! Meanwhile, Keiko is concerned that although it’s summer, her brother, Masaru, is always indoors playing video games. So Shirou and the girls drag him to the waterpark, where Shirou tries to teach him to swim. While there, the kaijin tries to eat Shirou twice, the first time putting yakiniku sauce on him, the second time in the pool as a starfish. Seeing the starfish, Kyosuke tosses it onto the highway, where it’s run over and shredded to pieces. However, as a starfish, the pieces have the power to reform into the kaijin. As his attempt to eat Shiroufrom the outside have failed, Salome comes up with a plan to eat him from the inside. While they are out camping in the woods, Sarome tricks Masaru into giving Shirou the starfish as a rare delicacy to eat. After Shirou enthusiastically devours it, it reforms in his stomach and begins to eat him from the inside. In order to get the kaijin out of his stomach, the others have no choice but to pour poison in his stomach, and hope that his wilderness training and conditioned body can outlast the poison as it expels the kaijin.


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  • Viewership: 11.5%

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Battle Fever J Volume 3, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 3 features episodes 23-33. [1]


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