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The Blue Earth! The Deforestation Plan of Death (青い地球! 死の砂漠化計画 Aoi Chikyū! Shi no Sabakuka Keikaku) is the second episode of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.


The Gorenger must save the inventor of a sand-transformation beam from a Masked Monster who wishes to use it to transform the Earth.


The episode begins with a group of scientists testing out a ray gun that can turn anything into plant matter. After the success, Samurai Mask shows up and declares the gun property of the Black Cross Army. He kills three of the scientists (turning one of them into plant matter with the ray gun), but spares the head scientist, holding him hostage. Daita and Kenji try to help the scientist's wife, while Tsuyoshi, Akira, and Peggy try to stop Samurai Mask. Samurai Mask shoots Aorenger in the arm and escapes. He later uses the gun to turn a bridge into plant matter. The scientist's son, Taro Katou, leaves SnackGon to find his father. Daita, Kenji, Tomoko Hayashi, Haruko Nakamura, waitress Yoko Katou (Taro's older sister), and owner Edogawa Gonpachi try to stop him, but the Black Cross Army kidnap him. Tsuyoshi and Peggy try to rescue Taro but get captured. Samurai Mask prepares to kill the 4 hostages, but Akira shows up in the Variblune and rescues Taro and his father. Tsuyoshi and Peggy break free and transform. The rest of the Gorengers show up destroy Samurai Mask with the Gorenger Storm; however, the real Samurai Mask attempts to escape in a rocket. Aorenger uses his Blue Cherry Bow to fire an arrow with one of Momorenger's Earring Bombs to destroy the rocket, kill Samurai Mask, and end the episode.


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Digital Releases

  • Himitsu Sentai Gorenger DVD Volume 1 features episodes 1-6.[1]
  • Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Blu-ray Volume 1 features episodes 1-16.


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