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2 Ten-Jacks!! Destroy the Secret Factory (2テンジャック!! 秘密工場を破壊せよ Tsū Tenjakku!! Himitsu Kōjō o Hakai Seyo) is the second episode of J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai.


Ryu makes a personal mission of destroying a CRIME factory after his trainer is killed by their latest weapon.


The episode begins with the Crimers shooting at drivers on the driveway, causing accidents. J.A.K.Q. shows up and removes the killed from their cars, but the drivers have been turned to coal black. After failing to find the culprit. Ryu gets a call from his former boxing coach, who was also with a boxing friend of Ryu. As Ryu and Bunta go to visit the restaurant where Ryu's boxing friends were, the Crimers show up and kill the two. Ryu and Bunta show up minutes later, but find the coach wounded. Before dying, the coach gives Ryu the keys to his locker. Ryu opens the locker and finds the gun that was used to kill the drivers earlier. Goro tests the gun out and finds out that it can hit four targets in one shot. Karen and Bunta test the substance, from the bullet, on a rat. The rat drinks the substance and turns to coal. Despite warnings from J.A.K.Q. and Joker, a vengeful Ryu hunts for the gun that killed his coach. He finds the gun in a building that also hides the substance, but is ambushed by Devil Drill and the Crimers. Karen and Bunta arrive to help Ryu, while Goro destroy the building with the Sky Ace. Crime escapes, but Ryu follows them to their hideout. Ryu breaks into a vent to spy on them, but gets caught and shut down. Fortunately, because he's a cyborg, he automatically reprograms and contacts J.A.K.Q., via satellite. Heart Queen and Clover King use the Jack Tank to climb the building and break in to rescue Ryu. Ryu then transforms to Dia Jack. After defeating the Crimers, J.A.K.Q. uses J.A.K.Q. Covack to destroy Devil Drill. Enraged, Iron Claw kills his butler for failing again and the episode ends.


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  • Viewership: 12.1%
  • During the scene at the bar, the song S.O.S by Pink Lady can be heard; the song was released in 1976 and was their first #1 in February, 1977, several months before the release of this episode.
    • This is the first of three Pink Lady references in J.A.K.Q. and the only one to not involve Karen.
  • First appearance of Jack Tank.

DVD releases


J.A.K.Q. Volume 1, DVD cover

J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai Volume 1 features episodes 1-5: Ep. 1: 4 Cards!! The Trump is J.A.K.Q., Ep. 2: 2 Ten-Jacks!! Destroy the Secret Factory, Ep. 3: 5 Flashes!! Roar, Panther, Ep. 4: 1 Joker!! The Perfect Crime's Assassin, and Ep. 5: 3 Snaps!! The Ballade of Betrayal. [1]


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