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The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination (アバレ七変化で新合体 Abare Shichihenge de Shin Gattai) is the twenty-ninth episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It is the official tribute episode to Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, after the unofficial tribute in The Big Abare with the Dinosaur Robot Drill. It also serves as Ahim's Quick-Change episode, as well as the debut of an alternative use of the Abarangers' Greater Power, the GoZyu GokaiOh combination.


When Action Commander Daiyarl begins to attack women to gather their happiness to cure Warz Gill's Earth-based cold, Ahim goes undercover to stop him.


Warz Gill comes down with the common cold as Insarn deduces that the happiness of women is needed to cure him. Barizorg employs Action Commander Dial to carry out the task. Dial targets newly-wed brides, attracting the attention of the Gokai Galleon crew. The Action Commander enlarges himself via a size-changing knob on his belt and the Gokaigers respond by summoning GokaiOh and GoZyuJin. However, Dial shrinks himself down and takes control of GoZyuJin, using it to battle GokaiOh, before going over to take GokaiOh over. However, Gokai Red, Gokai Blue, and Gokai Yellow damage the giant robot while they chase Dial inside of it. With Navi's help, they manage to corner Dial, but he shrinks again and enters Luka's suit until Ahim forces him out with bug spray, forcing him to retreat to the Gigant Horse to clean his eyes.

While Doc forces Captain Marvelous, Joe, and Luka to help in repairs after they shoot out the cockpit screen, Ahim asks Gai to come with her to get married so they can lure Dial into a trap and destroy his size-changing dial. However, before they could get his staff that holds all his victims' happiness, Dial knocks Gai down and escapes. Ahim pursues the Action Commander, using a series of disguises (a student uniform from Turboranger, a nurse uniform from GoGo-V and a normal policewoman uniform from Dekaranger) to harass him and destroy his staff. The other Gokaigers arrive, but are met by Yukito Sanjyou, the former AbareBlue of the Abarangers. After he introduces himself and his wife, Emiri, Yukito states that he is impressed with Ahim's "Abare" fighting style, and also tells the Gokaigers that Mikoto Nakadai failed to mention that the Abaranger Keys' power can also be used by GokaiOh.

Ahim tells him that they only have five Ranger Keys in that set, which would leave her out. However, Emiri presents her with the AbarePink Key to her to make it six. With Yukito and Emiri taking cover, the Gokaigers assume the forms of the Abarangers and AbarePink. Embarrassed by her appearance, Ahim stands back while her teammates defeat the Action Commander before everyone uses their Final Wave attacks to finish him off. Barely enlarged by a now ill-Insarn, who fainted after firing, Dial is confronted by GokaiOh and GoZyuJin as the Gokaigers use the Abaranger Keys to activate the greater power of the Abarangers: switching their robots' arms.

This turns GokaiOh into GoZyu GokaiOh, who finishes Dial off as Yukito and Emiri watch on the sidelines. Later, Gai tells the others of how Ahim managed to put her plan into motion, as she is embarrassed further by the photographs he took on his Gokai Cellular.


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Elements/Homages to Abaranger

AbareBlue's Legend Shift

  • Like episode 18, this episode refers to Abaranger by using "Abare" somewhere in the title. This episode title is similar to Abaranger episode 35: "The Quick-Changing Abare Nadeshiko!"
  • With the focus on Emiri and her "Sentai" form, several jokes are made about it due to its infamy in series:
    • When Yukito mentions to Emiri that she was not a member of the Abaranger, a pig snort can be heard, referring to her nickname as AbarePink: AbarePig.
    • When Ahim uses the AbarePink form, she transforms exactly into Emiri's outfit, which is a Sentai-like pink outfit with a visored helmet as opposed to a full-cover helmet.
  • Like an Abaranger episode, a scene is a cliffhanger where a question is left to the audience on what is about to happen, which is answered the moment the show resumes.
  • The automatic size-changing abilities of Action Commander Daiyarl refers to the two different styles of subordinates used by Wicked Lifeforms Evolian: the smaller Trinoids (which must be grown in order to fight the giant robots) and the massive Giganoids (which are created and fight only as giants).
  • While the Gokaigers as the Abarangers are fighting against Daiyarl, Gai as AbareKiller comments on the thrill of the fight in a calm tone of voice, referencing Mikoto Nakadai's personality and thirst for excitement which he quenched by fighting as AbareKiller, a trait which he retained even after he abandoned evil and fought with the Abarangers. This was also referenced when Mikoto, with DragonRanger and TimeFire in the afterlife, gave Gai the power of Gokai Silver along with the Greater Powers of their respective teams in episode 18, telling him to thrill himself to his heart's content.
  • The episode is similar both to episodes 28 (the scheme of using brides that the Abaranger must stop) and 35 (the female member using shichi-henge to deal with a monster's plot) of Abaranger.


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DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Ep. 29: The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination, Ep. 30: Just a Lone Friend's Soul, Ep. 31: Crash!! Secret Operations and Ep. 32: One Power. It was released on February 21, 2012. [1]

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