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Did You See Her!? The Kuchisake-Onna (見たか!? 口裂け女 Mita ka!? Kōretsuke Onna) is the twenty-ninth episode of Battle Fever J.


Maria tries to decipher the appearance of a Kuchisake-Onna that has appeared in town and it's connection to a female radio broadcaster.


A woman walks around Tokyo with a surgical mask on (as if she has a cold). She stops people and asks them if she’s beautiful. When they reply yes, she takes off her mask, and shows that her mouth has been split from ear to ear. She then asks “how about now?” and pursues her victims. When Yuki sees her, Tomoko asks for Battle Fever’s help. At first no one believes her, except Maria, who decides to investigate, just in time to save Tomoko from being attacked. Battle Fever suspects Egos of using the legend to cause a panic. Shirou tunes in to the radio program of a disk jockey, Kosaka Shizuka, who tells stories of the Torn-Mouth Lady. In this version, she is the daughter of a tofu maker, who didn’t like her mouth, and had an failed operation on it 21 times, before becoming an obake. When Maria and Kyosuke go to question her, her boyfriend reveals many sudden changes in her, such as only craving tofu and being icy cold. As they pursue her, Maria discovers the real Shizuka and saves her from the Torn-Mouth Lady.


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  • Viewership: 8.3%
  • This story is based on an infamous Japanese legend of a concubine of a samurai, who was so vain (and probably cheating on him), that he sliced her mouth from ear to ear and said “who would think you're beautiful now?” She then appears in modern times, exactly as in the episode, as a Japanese ghost called a Kuchisake-Onna. The obake will attack and kill anyone who says she’s beautiful.
    • The episode was possibly connected to a sudden fear of the Kuchisake-Onna that erupted in 1979 after a supposed sighting of the youkai in Nagasaki in January of that year.

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Battle Fever J Volume 3, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 3 features episodes 23-33. [1]


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