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Ep. 27: The Unrivaled Fists (天下無双の拳 Tenka Musō no Ken) is the twenty-seventh episode of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. It features the full debut of the Kishiryu Pachygaroo as well as the debut of Kishiryu Chibigaroo, KishiRyuOh Pachygaroo, the DoshinSoul, and the Doshin Armor. It also features the return of Gachireus since his last appearance in episode 16.


Koh goes out to search for a new Kishiryu by following the map that Nada had with him. What he found within the sanctuary was the Kishiryu Pachygaroo, who resembles a kangaroo. While on course to find and break the seal for Pachygaroo, the Ryusoulgers accidentally stumbled upon Chibigaroo, the child of Pachygaroo. However, Gachireus suddenly appears before the Ryusoulgers, who should have died beneath the sea. While they faced off against Gachireus and his Minosaur's deadly counterattack, the Ryusoulgers were suddenly buried alive alongside Chibigaroo.


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  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider Zero-OneIcon-crosswiki episode 4, I Saw The Bus Guide! Anna's TruthIcon-crosswiki.
    • Both episodes feature the debut of a punching-themed form (Punching Kong for Vulcan and Doshin Armor for both Ryusoul Red and Ryusoul Blue, as well as KishiRyuOh Pachygaroo).
  • Viewership: 1.9%
  • Ryusoulger featured in title card: Red
  • In the episode, Gachireus mentions to Wizeru and Kleon that someone else is targeting the earth. This could suggest that there will be a new villain that apparently is not part of the Druidon Tribe.
    • It could also foreshadow the arrival of Pricious.
  • Koh has confirmed he is not the team leader and he has no interest of being one.
  • The song Tagire! Ryusoulger is used as an insert theme for this episode.

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