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Be Careful of the First Love Thief (初恋泥棒にご用心 Hatsukoi Dorobō ni Goyō Kokoro) is the twenty-seventh episode of Battle Fever J.


Egos uses the feelings of Tomoko's little sister as a means to try to discover and destroy Battle Fever's secret base.


Egos targets the young Yuki, sister of Battle Fever support operator, Tomoko. They build a handsome young android, named Takeshi to seduce her. She finds meets him sitting by the seashore blowing a shell, and is instantly captivated by him. He gives her a shell pendant to wear and impresses her with his diving ability. Later she meets him in the park, where he sketches her. When she invites him back to her place for a melon, Takeshi secrets plants a transmitter in Tomoko’s lipstick. Tracing the signal, Egos finds one of the secret entrances to Battle Fever’s base. But with automated defenses, and a sliding wall, they are able to divert the assault squad out to the ocean. Once they are defeated, Battle Fever discovers the transmitter and deduce Takeshi’s involvement. The completely smitten Yuki won’t believe them, and secretly rendezvous with him. When Battle Fever confronts him, he threatens her life. Luckily, Kyosuke is able to save her. But he switches the shell pendant with a bomb that she takes back into Battle Fever’s base. This time, it is the robot mynah Kyutaro who detects the bomb just in time. Leaving Kyosuke and Tomoko to tend to Yuki’s broken heart.


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  • Viewership: 10.4%

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Battle Fever J Volume 3, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 3 features episodes 23-33. [1]


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