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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Tsuruhime Family's Super Secret (鶴姫家の超秘密 Tsuruhime-ka no Chō Himitsu) is the twenty-sixth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


In the midst of her Shinobi Scroll trial, Tsuruhime is forced to go home unless she completes her trial by Sandayuu's special set of rules.


Tsuruhime runs through the woods while searching the map for her Hidden Scroll while stating she's about to reach where hers is. However, someone starts pursuing her, attacking her with umbrellas before appearing before her as the Yokai Kasabake. His Dorodoro throw their umbrellas at her and she transforms to avoid them, but has a hard time fighting against the opponents as they attack her non-stop; she throws her shuriken but they're all blocked before Kasabake fires an umbrella gun knocking her down; she runs but Kasabake tells the Dorodoro to not pursue knowing she'll be back and he'll kill her then. Tsuruhime runs in the opposite direction wondering why a Yokai is there, but a car suddenly arrives with Sandayuu appearing, stating that Tsuruhime needs more training and that she has to return home to her mansion with something important she needs to know as the ninja master laughs.

Tsuruhime returns to a mansion where servants meet with her wondering why she's dressed like this and she must take a bath and get changed at the female ninja's disgust. Tsuruhime is soon cleaned and fed, tired of the rich lifestyle and yelling at Sandayuu to appear before her; she searches the mansion and discovers a boy and two German Shepards; Sandayuu introduces the boy as Bun, his new apprentice; Tsuruhime is confused as well while claiming that the dogs are his watchdogs and care for Tsuruhime very much as they pass by her. She soon visits the shrine of her late father to mourn him while Sandayuu explains that four-hundred years prior, Tsuruhime's family lineage made their name as feudal lords who answered providence to destroy the Yokai threat and since then, the Tsuruhime family has acted as the leader of the Kakuranger. But before the goal was achieved, Tsuruhime's father became ill which Tsuruhime explains is why she's fighting in his stead. Sandayuu states Tsuruhime is still young and needs help from Sasuke and the others; the female takes offense making her think he believes she can't get the scroll on her own but as a Kakuranger leader, he has no trust in her, making Tsuruhime upset that she's been working really hard as the leader of the squad. Sandayuu soon reveals a box with four small Kakuranger dolls in it, the advisor claiming he wants to help her get the scroll and that he won't tell the others about it before using the Ninpo Doll Transformation skill, which alongside Tsuruhime's scroll makes the dolls come to life like actual Kakuranger! Sandayuu advises Tsuruhime to use the four to help her get the scroll, being better than nothing in the matter; Tsuruhime claims she doesn't need them but Sandayuu claims she needs to get the scroll and if they fall, she can abandon them but she has to get to the scroll regardless.

With the dolls in hand, Tsuruhime and the fake Kakuranger return to the woods she was in prior searching for her scroll; she advises them that Kasabake is near and she'll handle this on her own, despite the dolls continuing in the same direction as her. They soon reach the Yokai again, who states that she's brought minions and he'll defeat all five of them, leading to NinjaWhite to transform. The four Kakuranger dolls charge in to attack the Dorodoro, making Tsuruhime upset telling them to not interfere; but when Kasabake tries to attack her, the four protect her and they make a run for it into a nearby quarry. Reaching a dead end, the fake NinjaBlue and NInjaYellow throw out ropes while the fake NinjaYellow rushes to hold them off as the other four continue. Kasabake strikes the fake NinjaYellow as the Dorodoro electrocute him making him change back into "Seikai" yelling for Tsuruhime and telling her to not worry about him as they continue; the Yokai pursue while Tsuruhime states "it's only a doll".

Soon after, boulders fall down as the doll Saizou protect her telling her to continue on before the doll NInjaBlack gets struck by Kasabake, telling Tsuruhime to run while the doll NinjaRed holds her back. The two continue to run as Sandayuu's words continue to haunt her about abandoning the dolls. The duo soon reach a waterfall while discovering the Hidden Scroll under a waterfall which appears before her; but not before an umbrella falls attacking the fake Sasuke! Tsuruhime cradles Sasuke as he states to not worry of him and to get the scroll; but Tsuruhime cries despite the fact he's a doll, stating she can't abandon her teammates even if they're not the real ones. She states the Hidden Scroll is not worth taking if it's worth abandoning her teammates, even calling out Sandayuu for this stating she'll never abandon her teammates. Kasabake appears before her and throws her off the waterfall with an umbrella as he claims he defeated Tsuruhime and will take the scroll as a souvenir for Junior. But without warning, the two German Shepards attack Kasabake, one grabbing the scroll while the other bites the Yokai.

Tsuruhime struggles to get out of the water discovering Bun and the German Shepards; Sandayuu soon appears whistling as the dog drops the scroll. Sandayuu states she overcame the test of the Hidden Scroll and that he was able to retrieve all the dolls, stating at the time if she took the Hidden Scroll without her acknowledgement, she would have been hit by a tremendous electric shock that would have killed her! He commends her for her decision and that Tsuruhime is a woman and despite not being big or strong like the others, she is the leader and her empathy and compassion is more important than strength; believing her teammates will follow her to the end with the empathy she possesses and permitting her to take the Hidden Scroll. Seeing the Hidden Scroll, Tsuruhime takes it, but is shaken as Kasabake appears as a giant preparing to crush her. Transforming, NinjaWhite shoots Kasabake with the Kakulaser and summons God Kark, her Super Ninja Beast God. Entering inside, Tsuruhime fires the Flying Beam hitting it before Tsubasamaru appears before her with Muteki Shogun, forming Super Muteki Shogun and destroying the Yokai with the Muteki Cannon.

Staring at her bracelet and her scroll, Tsuruhime states her trials were hard and she couldn't have gotten it without their help and that she's fine with that; they can win together while stating to her Father to guide her in her continued battle.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger Volume 3, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 3 features episodes 23-33.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.


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