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The Bandage Man's Masked Report (包帯男の仮面報告 Hōtai Otoko no Kamen Hōkoku) is the twenty-sixth episode of Battle Fever J. This episode is notable in that Egos at last finds the identities of Battle Fever.


An Egos Monster studies to discover Battle Fever's true identities, while Maria tries to help a blind boy to make up for a mistake in her past.


Egos has been lurking at sites of previous battles, trying to use plaster and sorcery to uncover the identities of Battle Fever. When Maria tries to investigate, she saves a young boy, Akira, from a car accident, who mistakes Maria for his sister. Akira’s real sister, had drowned before his eyes trying to save his life, and he never recovered from the shock. Now, following the near accident, he is in danger of going blind. When she was a young girl, Maria ran away and let a young boy drown. Now, hearing Akira call her with the same voice, she is haunted by her past failing and vows to be there for him. However, Egos knowing the boy’s attraction to Maria, captures him and uses him to magically sculpt Maria’s face. With their faces now exposed, and using Akira as bait, Battle Fever becomes an easy target. However, with Shiro’s heightened senses, they escape the trap. In the end, when Akira regains his sight and realizes that Maria is not his real sister, she tells him to continue to thinking of her as one.


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  • Viewership: 8.4%

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Battle Fever J Volume 3, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 3 features episodes 23-33. [1]


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