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The Film Studio is a Strange Haunt (撮影所は怪奇魔境 Satsueijo wa Kaiki Makyū) is the twenty-fifth episode of Battle Fever J.


When children vanish during a car race at a movie studio, Kyousuke, Maria and Keiko search for them while being manipulated by the illusions of an Egos Monster.


Tojo Studios is sponsoring a mini-car race, to encourage youth mental and physical strength development. Meanwhile, Kyosuke is enamored with the famous actress Kurihara Sayuri. However, as Egos is trying to subvert these virtues, they sabotage the race by making the racers disappear. As Kyosuke, Maria, and Keiko search for the racers, they have trouble distinguishing reality from the movie filming going on, wandering into a gangster movie, a runaway train, and an obake horror set. Disguised as Sayuri, Egos traps and nearly drowns Kyosuke. Finally, they catch up with the racers on a burning jidaigeki samurai drama set.


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  • Viewership: 7.4%
  • Lisa Komaki, who previously portrayed Peggy Matsuyama (Momorenger) in Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, has a guest appearance in this episode.
    • Technically Komaki appeared in the first 24 episodes as the voice actress of Diane Martin, but this is her only physical appearance (in the episode after Diane's departure) and her final appearance in Sentai.
  • While the opening and ending changes in this episode due to last episode's cast change, most notable is the first shot of the untransformed heroes, which finally includes the female hero. (during the Diane episodes, the shot only includes the four male heroes; but Maria is included in the shot in her first official episode on the team)

DVD releases


Battle Fever J Volume 3, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 3 features episodes 23-33. [1]


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