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Ep. 25: Dancing Kleon (踊るクレオン Odoru Kureon) is the twenty-fifth episode of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


There's a very popular video circulating around Sakai and its a video of Kleon and several Drunn Soldiers dancing like crazy. Furthermore, a Minosaur lurks in the background of the video and rips people's souls right out of their bodies. While the video is quickly spreading all around the world the city is in chaos, Ui, Oto, and Tyramigo have been deprived of their souls too.


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  • The team talked about being unable to fight the Minosaur due to it being in the internet unless they can get Cosmic Raptor to combine with a Kishiryu like Tyramigo, who was incapacitated for most of the episode. However, no one brought up using Mosa Rex, who was shown to be capable of combining in a previous episode.


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