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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of bloodshed, blood, and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

A New Departure! (新たなる出発(たびだち)!! Aratanaru Tabidachi!!) is the twenty-fifth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It begins Act 2 of the show.


As the Kakuranger separate to find their Shinobi Scrolls, Sasuke encounters a strange girl who wishes to teach him an important lesson despite her short, fragile life.


The Kakuranger travel throughout Japan on their own in search of their Hidden Scrolls to be able to complete their mission before Gashadokuro revives Daimaou, with Sasuke, Tsuruhime and Jiraiya on their own and Saizou and Seikai together with Nekomaru.

At the Nasu Kougen Highlands, Sasuke's Hidden Scroll glows and hits a butterfly in a field, turning it into a human girl who is happy she gets to be human as she tells the other animals she'll bring Sasuke and telling the others to hold tight as she flies away. Sasuke in the meantime rides nearby; the girl claims he's cute before he's attacked by Yoki lightning from Junior, who laughs stating he knew they were searching for the Hidden Scrolls and he won't let them get their hands on it before attacking him further as Gashadokuro. Sasuke falls unconscious and is treated by the butterfly girl, who is happy when he comes around and calls herself Reika and instructed by his scroll to get him. She asks if his wound is alright as it instantly heals before having him come with her. As they ride away, Sasuke wonders who Reika is as she states he's being rude and that she knows what he's saying from reading minds before telling him to speed up on his motorcycle. The girl asks him to stop as they arrive at the Rindo Lake Family Farm, making Sasuke wonder if this is really where his scroll is. Reika greets the children and mascots as she coax him to go on a boat ride, making Sasuke wonder if this is where the scroll is as Reika claims she always wanted to play here. Sasuke continues to show the strange girl around as they enjoy the park but states he doesn't want to be her playmate.

Eventually Sasuke gets tired and Reika wonders what's the matter with him before he just gets angry and realizes that Reika has no idea where the scroll is and is using the enticement to play around with him! Reika gets upset claiming that he's lying about this; she asks if he's angry and Sasuke admits he sort of is but Reika claims that she didn't know that she would be chosen for the duty and was so excited she wanted to play around to celebrate. She claims all of her friends in the woods love him and are waiting for him, and when Sasuke gets the scroll, everyone will be likewise happy. Sasuke loses track of what Reika is saying before she becomes depressed and states that there are all sorts of creatures on Earth and they're all living the best they can and it is his job to protect them. Sasuke asks who he is, but they're suddenly attacked by the cloth of a Yokai riding on a motorbike, shooting at both of them before revealing he is Ittan-Momen and hired by Junior to deal with him as Junior's number one killer! The Yokai summons the Dorodoros and Sasuke transforms to fight them; he tells Reika to run but she states she'll help as she fights with martial arts and knives against the threats. Ittan-Momen binds both with cloth and tosses them about before Reika sees a rabbit; she runs to protect it but is attacked by the Yokai.

Sasuke and Reika rush into a cow barn as Reika appears weaker than she should be, Sasuke noting the injury shouldn't be that bad. Reika states again about the weak creatures of Earth and how "a small injury can kill them". Sasuke continues to wonder but Ittan-Momen rushes once again forcing them outside. Out there, Reika reveals the Hidden Scrolls are on top of the mountain and begs Sasuke to not forget what she said while stating each Hidden Scroll has a role to play and that his is about protecting not just humans but all creatures, great and small. Sasuke embraces Reika and tries to get a doctor but Reika tells him to stay with her before saying it was fun to be with him for such a short time and thanking him before falling unconscious, making Sasuke yell out for her before she turns back into her true form of a butterfly, making the ninja shocked by the revelation as even it's body fades away. Sasuke pounds his fist into the ground and begins to run, being pursued by Dorodoro as he charges through the park and confronted by Ittan-Momen who tosses him about. Understanding Reika's words that the Earth is for all living creatures and protecting them is his duty, he heads forth, rushing up the mountain where he finds his Hidden Scroll.

But before he can take it, Ittan-Momen attacks and grows giant, burning the ground around them and forcing the animals to flee. Sasuke tells him to stop but Ittan-Momen attacks him, further angering him by the carnage and making him remember Reika's final words and stating he can't let this happen and transforming, charging at the giant Yokai but being tossed back again and again. Sasuke uses his Full Moon Cut on Ittan-Momen's face, stunning him long enough to grab the scroll, satisfying him before deciding to unleash the power of the Hidden Scroll and releasing the Super Ninja Beast Jutsu and the Super-Ninja Beast God Saruder. The God tells Sasuke to go inside as NinjaRed states that they will work together to protect all living creatures. The mecha reveals his two swords as Ittan-Momen criticizes the flashy intro before being tossed around by the new mecha. Tsubasamaru flies close by and summons Muteki Shogun, the two Gods merging into Super Muteki Shogun and working with Red Saruder while using the Muteki Cannon to stun it long enough before God Saruder uses the Two-Sword Cut to slash the Yokai down.

Standing by Rindo Lake, Sasuke remembers Reika and her wish to protect all creatures while telling her to watch over him while recalling his teammates and telling them it's their turn to gain their Hidden Scrolls and reunite.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger Volume 3, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 3 features episodes 23-33.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.


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