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Decisive Battle!! All Monsters Appear (決戦!! 怪人総登場 Kessen!! Kaijin Sō Tōjō) is the twenty-third episode of Battle Fever J. It is a clipshow episode.


After a humiliating defeat against an Egos Monster, Tetsuzan reminds Battle Fever of their past accomplishments to push them forwards.


While they’re busy playing video games (Space Invaders), Egos issues a challenge to the defense department. Their new kaijin has the ability to make shadow decoys, and with their hearts not really in the fight, Battle Fever is beaten badly. Furious with them for their lack of seriousness, Tetsuzan Shogun reviews their past victories with them. He reviews the launch of the Battle Fever Robo (Ep. 5 & 6), Masao’s investigation of the Prodigy Sports Club (Ep. 8), Kensaku and the golden crowned chicken (Ep. 13), Kyosuke’s exposure of the tainted escargot (Ep. 15), Shiro’s fight with the Nauman Elephant (Ep. 10), and Diane’s vow to avenge her father (Ep. 1). With their fighting spirit and bushido code restored, they are ready to continue the fight against Egos.


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DVD releases

Battle Fever J Volume 3, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 3 features episodes 23-33. [1]


  • Viewership: 6.1%
  • In the opening scene of this episode, a variation of Battle Fever Daishutsugeki can be heard singing not about Battle Fever but in regards to the Space Invaders video game, which was massively popular in Japan at the time.