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The Female Spy Team's Counterattack (女スパイ団の逆襲 Onna Supai Dan no Gyakushū) is the twenty-second episode of Battle Fever J.


Battle Fever and Egos continues to confront each other over the location of the Noto treasure, with the key remaining in the mind of their amnesiac benefactor.


The treasure chest that Egos got turns out to be full of rocks. Egos figures that Battle Japan has switched the treasure. Threatening the lives of Senzo and Shinobu, the Egos ninjas capture and try to torture the information out of him by drowning him. When he doesn’t know anything, they drag him to from the back their boat to kill him, but Kyosuke and Kensaku rescue him from under the water. Knowing that Egos doesn’t have the treasure either, Masao figures out that Senzo has been faking his amnesia and that he switched the treasure himself earlier and has been using Battle Fever as bodyguards. But when Senzo reveals the treasure, Egos attacks!


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Battle Fever J Volume 2, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 2 features episodes 12-22. [1]


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