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The Adventurer Heart (冒険者の心 Bōkensha no Kokoro) is the twenty-first episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It is a tribute to GoGo Sentai Boukenger.


A revived Ryuuwon appears. The former Bouken Red, "Chief" Satoru Akashi shows up!! Out of nowhere, Satoru is seen standing on the Gokai Galleon. He's trying to retrieve the precious "The Heart of Hades", but for that he needs help from the Gokaigers. But Zangyack and the Jaryuu clan are also after the Heart of Hades. And the Heart of Hades seems to be cause of Ryuuwon's revival.


Captain Marvelous gets in a heated argument with Navi over Basco's ability to steal powers from past Super Sentai warriors. The argument is interrupted by the appearance of Satoru Akashi, who asks the Gokaigers to help him search for a Precious known as the "The Heart of Hades", which has the power to resurrect the dead.

Upon landing on a forest to begin their treasure hunt, the Gokaigers and Satoru encounter a Zangyack army led by Insarn. Captain Marvelous, Luka and Satoru proceed on their journey while the other Gokaigers fend off against the Gormin Sailors. Upon entering a cavern, Captain Marvelous, Luka and Satoru discover the holding place of the Heart of Hades, only to see a Jaryuu place the Precious on the chest of the corpse of Ryuuwon. A revived Ryuuwon traps the trio in the cave before proceeding to attack the other Gokaigers. In the ensuing mayhem, Insarn retreats while Captain Marvelous, Luka and Satoru manage to break out of the cavern, and regroup with the rest of the team.

All six Gokaigers change into the Boukengers to battle Ryuuwon and yank the Heart of Hades out of his chest and throw it to Satoru. As Ryuuwon still posed a threat, Gokai Silver entered Gold Mode and defeated him with the Gokai Legendream Final Wave. However, Ryuuwon enlarged himself, prompting the Gokaigers to summon GokaiOh and GoZyu Rex. When the Gokai Full Blast and Gokai Magi Bind have no effect on Ryuuwon, the Gokaigers use the Boukenger keys to unleash an image of DaiBouken - which attacks Ryuuwon before materializing into the GoGo Sword for GokaiOh to finish him off with the Adventure Drive.


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Gokai Changes

Ninja Rangers
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Elements/Homages to Boukenger

  • The title of this episode refers to Boukenger; like Gingaman, the titles are two nouns connected by "no", with the first explaining the second. However, in Boukenger's case this is usually used to explain an artifact or idea that is crucial in the episode.
  • Satoru mentions AkaRed at end of the episode, who he had met in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, with the Boukenger being the first team to encounter the legendary hero also connected to the Gokaiger.
  • The episode is similar to the structure of the first Boukenger episode, Task 1: The Heart of the Demon God, where two new adventurers (Masumi and Natsuki in Boukenger, Marvelous and Luka in Gokaiger) traverse an unknown area with Akashi to prove their worthy and ultimately must fight against a villain from the Negative Syndicates who obtains the Precious (Arch Priest Gajah in the original episode, Ryuuwon here).
  • The usage of a combined Gokai Change of ninja teams (Kakuranger and Hurricaneger) connects with Dark Shadow, one of the rival evil Syndicates who fought with the Boukenger who were a squadron of evil ninja.
  • The Precious in focus in this episode, the Heart of Hades, works similar in empowering whoever uses its power; this works similar to the Heart of Gordom, the first and final Precious of major focus within Boukenger.


DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Volume 6 features episodes 21-24: Ep. 21: The Adventurer Heart, Ep. 22: Promise from the Star, Ep. 23: People's Lives are the Future of the Earth and Ep. 24: Foolish Earthlings. It was released on December 9, 2011. [1]


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