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Undying Rescue Spirits (不滅の救急(レスキュー)魂 Fumetsu no Resukyū Tamashii) is the twentieth episode of Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive. It is the second of a four-part story against the Hell Siblings


After experiencing their first utter defeat from the Psyma Hell Siblings, GoGoFive must figure out a means to defeat them while reaffirming their mission as rescue heroes.


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  • This episode aired alongside Moero!! RoboconIcon-crosswiki episode 24, Complete Silence! I'm a Thief.
  • Viewership: 8.1%

DVD Releases

KyuKyu Sentai GoGoV Dvd Vol 4

GoGoFive Volume 4, DVD cover

  • Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive Volume 4 features episodes 16-20.[1]

Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive The Complete Series

GoGoFive: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete GoGoFive series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in April 2018.

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