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The Flowery Kunoichi Team (花のくノ一組!! Hana no Kunoichi Gumi) is the twentieth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


Sasuke becomes trapped in an ambush by the Flowery Kunoichi Team, forced to protect a kid caught in the crossfire even at the cost of his Kakuranger powers.


A boy named Shinichi is running back home; his mother asks if he's done his homework but Shinichi states he's going to play with Hiroki as she tries to stop him. As Shinichi leaves, another woman asks what will happen to him if he doesn't do his homework; but he tells her to silence and rides away. Sasuke soon appears complaining he has to buy lunches for everyone as Shinichi rides by on a bike stating that he should watch where he's going and that the kid can't stop where he's going. However, the boy is soon being chased by a car which rams his bike and wrecks it before trying to run him over. Sasuke gets him out of the way but the car keeps chasing them; the duo jump on top of a wall making the car ram, but Sasuke realizes there's no one inside as a vine rises from the sewer and grabs the boy, making the ninja pull it off and the duo be pursued by the strange vegetation. Sasuke tries to contact the other Kakuranger by the Doron Changer but the signal is jammed as the Flowery Kunoichi-gumi leap over rooftops in formation.

At Nekomaru, Saizou shows frustration that he can't contact Sasuke by the Doron Changer while he hasn't come back and he can't get through with him. At the same time, Sasuke and Shinichi continue on the run; they sneak towards a building to hide as NinjaRed asks the boy why someone is after him which the boy keeps saying he has no idea while still trying to reach the others by Doron Changer and failing. The laughter of Sakura appears in the sky as she tells him that it's futile; while in the streets, Professor Yugami rides by on a strange device attached to a bicycle. Flipping a switch, the Yokai professor states his latest invention disrupts radio communication and tracks signals from Doron Changer, thus allowing him to find him no matter where he goes. Sakura tempts Sasuke to throw his Doron Changer but the ninja asks why Shinichi is involved; the Kunoichi admits the boy has nothing to do with this and this is purely about Sasuke's life! Sakura pities the boy stating that Sasuke only claims to be an ally of justice but is merely a plague; anyone that meets him will have an unlucky fate before warning that both he and Shinichi will die if they stick together before vanishing. Shinichi, scared by the warning, runs away as Junior watches from a rooftop asking Yugami if he knows where the kid lives which the professor acknowledges. Junior states Sasuke is trapped not being able to fight how he wants to and being stuck with this boy, thus eventually leading to him abandoning his Doron Changer, and ultimately his death.

The Kakuranger continue to run through the city trying to contact Sasuke with the Doron Changers and failing. Meanwhile, Shinichi returns home and tries to tell his mother that he nearly got killed, but the mother claims he's making this up and tells him to do his homework but the boy tries to confirm it. The mother claims "let's make this more real" as she reveals she was Flower Ninja Yuri in disguise making him run; he tries to contact the other shopkeeper but she's revealed to be Flower Ninja Ran! Sasuke rushes to his aid as Yuri and Ran begin their attack, but Sasuke uses a substitution to escape. The Kunoichi soon ride by on bicycles pursuing the duo through the streets and trying to attack forcing them to leap away. Elsewhere, Saizou reveals he heard that Sasuke and a kid were attacked downtown; forcing them by the shop where they hear the muffles of the mother and fellow shopwoman taken over by the Flower Kunoichi.

Sasuke and Shinichi sneak into a building and climb up a scaffold in hopes of escaping before ducking down in fear. Shinichi cries for his mother before blaming Sasuke for what happened; Sasuke confirms it is his fault and apologizes but states if he left him alone then he'd be killed by them and that the Kunoichi are ruthless; but this won't stop him and he will continue to protect the boy with his life. Taking out his Doron Changer, he states they're pursuing him with this but realizes he can't transform or summon his mecha without it. He holds the Doron Changer to his heart before putting it down; the boy wonders what he's doing but states he'll be fine. But as they leave, the Flower Kunoichi arrive, Sakura stating he's thrown away both his Doron Changer and his life as the quintet draw swords and fight the solo male ninja as he tries to fight back against the five females. They continue to climb the building to escape but the Kunoichi continue pursuit; Suiren blows a breath attack throwing Sasuke off the building but with him holding on to Shinichi to dear life until a huge wooden piece gets jabbed in his leg stabbing him and drawing blood! Sasuke removes it while telling Shinichi to run but the boy wants to stay with him since he knows he started this because of his cowardice. Shinichi asks if Sasuke is alright as he staggers around and they leave the area they fell towards.

Later, Sasuke and Shinichi run into a quarry as the boy helps him limp along, but they're soon attacked by glowing dust knocking the ninja down as the Flower Kunoichi-gumi reappear once again and present themselves to the duo. Ayame declares it is time for Sasuke to die while the team admits they'll keep doing this to destroy the Kakuranger one by one as they leap into battle and transform; Sasuke tells Shinichi to stand back as he fights the five Kunoichi solo yet held back by his bleeding and lack of Doron Changer.

In the city, the other Kakuranger track Sasuke's Doron Changer in the building; Saizou realizing he left it while Tsuruhime admits he's nearby while the team are confronted by Dorodoro forcing them to change. At the quarry, Sasuke is assaulted by Sakura's Flower Fantasy technique, assaulting him before Ran throws the Flower Bomb that forces him further down and hurt. NinjaRed sees the Kunoichi approaching him stating something has to be done or he'll be killed. Sakura states that he must realize where he is and she'll end his life the way he wants it to while summoning a "Kunoichi Missile" to blast and fire towards them! Suiren and Ran leap onto the missile to direct it towards him while Ran fires a gun to force further pursuit and throw the ninja male to the ground. Shinichi rushes to him as Sasuke tells him to run but Suiren and Ran keep firing guns and missiles towards them as they desperately flee for survival. Sasuke wonders if this is it and he isn't able to protect the child; all while the other Kakuranger rush to try and rescue him as Dorodoro pursue.

As Suiren and Ran prepare to finish him off, Muteki Shogun suddenly rises telling him to not give up and giving him the Flaming Shogun Sword, which he uses to perform an attack to destroy the Kunoichi Missile as Suiren and Ran escape! The Kunoichi rush to attack again, but the other Kakuranger arrive in the nick of time and Tsuruhime returns his Doron Changer and Sasuke states that their fun is finally over and he's going to pay them back while transforming. Suiren directs the Dorodoro towards them as the team fight them off. Sasuke uses the Flaming Shogun Sword against them before using the Flaming Shogun Wave to knock back the Flower Kunoichi-gumi, making them untransform. Ayame states this isn't over as the five retreat and Sasuke falls to the ground. Shinichi rushes to NinjaRed as Sasuke asks if he's alright and the boy the same and that he's glad that he was able to protect him.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 2

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.


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