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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of gun violence, murder and multiple character deaths. Viewer discretion is advised!

Take the Express to the Super Fortress (超要塞へ急行せよ Chō Yōsai e Kyūkō Seyo) is the first episode of Denshi Sentai Denziman, the first of an opening two-parter.


When the extra-dimensional forces of the Vader Clan emerge on Earth, a robot dog from an ancient alien civilization reawakens to recruit five youths to fight against them as Denziman.


3000 years ago, Denzi Land, an island of the destroyed Denzi Star, lands on Earth. In the present, the Vader Clan arrives to turn Earth into slime. IC awakens from his 3000 year sleep to recruit the Denzimen.

First, he recruits Ippei Akagi, saving him from rubble after the Vader Clan's first attack. Second, Akira Momoi, a tennis player who just lost her tennis coach to the Vader Clan. Jun Kiyama is next, a scientist investigating a meteorite from the Vader Clan, followed by Tatsuya Midorikawa, a detective who lost his father to the Musasabilar Monster. Finally, he recruits Daigoro Oumo after rescuing him from the Vader Clan at a circus he works at.

Meanwhile, Queen Hedrian, leader of the Vader Clan, begins the invasion of Earth. IC sounds the "Sign of the Gathering" and only the recruits hear it, following the sound to Denzi Land. Once there, a computer voice explains that they were chosen to defend Earth from the Vader Clan. The recruits hold out their right hand and the computer gives them their Denzi Rings, which the recruits use to become the Denzimen. Taking the DenziTiger, the new heroes take off to stop the Vader Clan.

The Vader Clan notice the DenziTiger, and send Vader Fighters to destroy the Denzimen, but are shot down. Confronting the monster, the Denziman defeat the Dustlers, combine their Denzi Sticks and throw them at Musasabilar Monster. As the Denzi Sticks impact, Musasabilar Monster grows bigger. The Denzimen launch the Denzi Fighter and it transforms into the DaiDenzin. Boarding the mech, they use it to fight Musasabilar Monster, destroying it and avenging the death of Tatsuya's father. An angered Queen Hedrian waits for the other eggs to hatch.


Guest Cast


  • Viewership: 18.2%
  • This is the highest-rated premiere in Super Sentai.
  • The scene with Daigorou spinning on the trapeze when he hears the call from Denzi Dog IC is used as part of Denziman's opening credits.


  • The force field IC uses to save Ippei is clearly made of yellow plastic.
  • As DaiDenzin prepares to be deployed the camera shakes very violently.
    • When its wings fold out a wire can be seen.

DVD releases

Denshi Sentai Denziman Volume 1 features episodes 1-9. [1]