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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood, bloodshed, murder, attempted murder and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

Ep. 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger (ケボーン!!竜装者(リュウソウジャー) Kebōn!! Ryūsōjā) is the first episode of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. This episode introduces the 3 members of the Ryusoulgers, Koh, Melto, and Asuna and also their mecha, KishiRyuOh Three Knights.


The mark of valor that has been passed down by legendary prehistoric knights from generation to generation are now being inherited by three new warriors from their own Masters. inheriting the legendary Ryusoul Ken means that they are tasked with defending the Earth, as Ryusoulgers.

At the same time, the deadly prehistoric Warfare Tribe Druidon descend from outer space and begin their invasion of Earth once again. Bringing with them colossal creatures known as Minosaurs, can the Ryusoulgers stand up against their destructive power?

Now, the centuries-old battle that will determine the existence of the Ryusoul Tribe or the Druidon Tribe will begin anew. The time has come that you bear witness to it!


The show begins with three master knights bestowing their blades to their three young squires, this rite of passage gives them Ryusoul Changers and the elder says that they are now the Ryusoulgers, warriors chosen to protect the Ryusou Tribe and its temple. Elsewhere, in the foggy night, a large creature is lurking far away in the mountains and roars.

The next morning, a girl named Ui Tatsui is recording a live vlog on her video channel from her phone on a selfie stick, claiming she is in the Amazon rainforest. In reality, she is in Mt. Fuji National Park in Aokigahara Forest. She has heard rumors of a hidden village in the forest and wants to investigate, making a "Ui Joke" about recording them by holding up a recorder. Koh, curious as to what she is doing, sneaks up behind her and asks, only to vanish as Master Red pulls him away and scolds him as he should only speak with outsiders when absolutely necessary. Master Red reminds him they are on a mission to defeat the Minosaur that the Elder sensed approaching the village. The conversation is interrupted by the sound of an explosion as Ui flees for her life from strange knight-like creatures chasing after her until she slips on some green slime that paralyzes her. A toadstool monster appears and tries to do something to Ui, but both Kou and Master Red appear as Red Ryusoulgers to save her, destroying the henchmen using their abilites and Koh using the TsuyoSoul armament and Dino Slash attack. Kleon reports back to Tankjoh, who deduces that if the Ryusoulgers are here, then the temple is not far away.

Ui unfreezes, shocked at what she just witnessed, only to get a phone call from her father Nanohisa asking when and if she is coming back from her "expedition" on a bus. Ui says she will bike back home, apologizing for not making it back in time for dinner and hangs up.

Back in the village, The Elder believes that what Koh and Master Red faced confirms his worst fears, the Druidons have returned from space and want to reclaim Earth. Master Blue explains that the Druidons are a race of creatures who existed millions of years ago and nearly conquered all of the planet. Master Pink says that when the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred, the Druidons fled into space to survive the cataclysmic event. Blue thinks they have come to seek the great power that lies within the temple: the Kishiryu. The Kishiryu were created by the ancestors of the Ryusoul Tribe as the most advanced weapons against the Druidons. Once the Druidons fled into space, the Kishiryu were sealed away in various hidden temples until they would be needed again. Master Pink tells the young knights that they are the only line of defense the villagers have, so they best prepare themselves.

That night, Kou and Melt spar in a training session near the temple as all three attempt to guard it. Asuna is nervous, as the temple they are near is the source of their Ryusoulger powers and she isn't sure she is ready. Koh tries to cheer her up saying he can beat the Druidons, but Melt thinks Koh is too cocky and underestimating the enemy. Koh says not to worry, as with him, Melt's swordsmanship and Asuna's "brute strength" they can win as a team. Asuna is offended at being called a brute and hurls Koh into a mountainside with her immense strength, scaring Melt a bit. Koh staggers back up on his feet, only to find Ui in camo gear next to him observing the three of them. Ui runs out and tries to be friendly, asking questions and offering Asuna a banana, only for her to bump into the Elder, who isn't pleased. He tells Ui that outsiders are strictly forbidden from entering the village and scolds Koh. He orders him to take Ui at dawn out of the village and erase her memories.

The next morning, Ui is terrified when she learns how her memories will be erased by Koh, by being bludgeoned with a comically large hammer that has "Memory Eraser" written on it and pushes Koh away in protest.

The Masters are in the forest, wondering if their charges are truly ready to take up the mantle of the Ryusoulgers. Master Red thinks that while the youths are immature, they already have what a knight needs in terms of their hearts. The ground shakes as the Dragon Minosaur approaches the forest, with the Masters and Koh and Ui feeling the tremors. The Minosaur attacks Koh and Ui with its tail and nearly hits them, but then move towards the village and Koh chases after it and changes into Ryusoul Red. He slashes the Dragon Minosaur's ankle with his blade, which does agitate the beast and slow it down for a second. The Masters meet up with the three Ryusoulgers in their hero forms and decide that in order to take down the large dragon, they need the Kishiryu in the temple. Master Red and Koh go to retrieve it, while Blue and Pink go with Melt and Asuna to try and slow the Minosaur down. They manage to knock down the beast, but their powers fade and all of them de-transform as the Druidons have invaded the temple and now its power cannot reach them or Koh and Master Red. The Dragon Minosaur roars and its hot firey breath knocks all four of them down.

In the temple, Tankjoh feels the power inside it and tries to claim it, but Koh and Master Red arrive and try to attack him. Their efforts prove useless, as Tankjoh's armor is too strong and both are beaten down and swatted away. Tankjo tells both of them to just give up, but Koh says that they will not as limits are made to be broken. Tankjo decides to just kill them and uses his sword to execute a triple energy slash. Master Red struggles to his feet and uses the KataSoul to harden and shield Koh's body and takes the full brunt of the attack. This mortally wounds him as Koh holds his dying mentor in his arms, in complete shock.

Outside, the battle with the Dragon Minosaur takes a turn for the worse as Melt and Asuna are too beaten down to keep fighting. Master Blue and Pink stand up to shield both of them from the Minosaur's fire breath by pushing them out of the way. This incinerates and kills both of them, leaving nothing but ash as the flames settle. Both Asuna and Melt scream in horror and sorrow at the sight of this, grieving the loss of their mentors as the Dragon Minosaur unleashes a huge barrage of energy projectiles from its body, damaging the surrounding area. Melt becomes depressed, believing that there is no chance of winning. Asuna does not believe that, they have to keep fighting, but she breaks down in tears, still devastated by the loss of her mentor.

Koh holds Master Red in his arms and cries, who tells Koh that from now on, his soul will be with him as he dies. Koh shouts for him to wake up and then when Tankjoh tries to kill Koh while he is in grief, the youth's red pendant on him glows in a bright light that protects him and knocks Tankjoh back. Master Red's body glows, becoming a spirit energy that goes into a blank RyuSoul which then turns into the Red Ryusoul. Koh smiles and sheds a few tears, then screams in rage and changes into Ryusoul Red. Tankjoh is shocked as the temple has been cut off, wondering how is it possible for him to become a Ryusoulger and how much stronger Koh is as he struggles to fight him. Their battle is ended when the Dragon Minosaur hits the Temple with its volley of energy missiles. Tankjoh tells Koh to remember that the Druidons owned the Earth long ago and soon they will own it again, going through a portal to escape as Kleon turns into slime and vanishes. Koh is nearly crushed by the temple's ceiling caving in unveiling the seal, but is saved and finds himself transported to a room with black mirrors that have red neon lighting and a scabbard like device in the center. A voice calls out to Koh to make their souls one, which Koh somehow understands and places his sword in the scabbard. Before the Dragon Minosaur can obliterate the temple, a robot bursts out from it. Koh realizes he is inside a Kishiryu, as the voice tells him it is time to fight.

KishiRyuOh Three Knights uses its swift speed and interchangeable combining weapons to overwhelm the slow-moving Dragon Minosaur which cuts his tail off and then destroys it with the Kishiryu Final Blade attack. The Kishiryu separate and celebrate their victory in a triumphant roar. Melt and Asuna meet up with Koh and he tells them these are the Kishiryu. The Elder arrives and tells the three of them that the Ryusouls they now possess have the power of their Masters within them and they no longer need the now destroyed temple's power to transform. In order to restore peace to Earth, they must leave the village and go into the outside world to find two of their comrades who left to explore and discover new Ryusouls.  The trio must follow in the footsteps of their Masters and they vow to protect the Earth. The three change into the Ryusoulgers and do their roll call, ending the episode.


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