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The Hellish Trap in Darkness!! (暗闇の地獄罠!! Kurayami no Jigoku Wana!!) is the ninteenth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


The Kakuranger investigate a series of abductions caused by a spider Yokai, unknowing they are being lured into Junior's trap.


A car honks towards a boy named Satoru, who is running in the streets as the car enters into a tunnel. In the car, a woman states she's hungry to her boyfriend as a spider climbs over their headlights. As something runs through the tunnel, the boyfriend stops the car and wonders what it was; he takes off his sunglasses as the spider climbs into the car and a creature growls at them, making the duo scared before the creature attacks their windshield and the duo yell for help, making Satoru run into the tunnel. The creature continues it's attack ripping the car apart piece by piece ; as the boy approaches, he sees the attack before their covered by an orange mist and a spider web that makes them lose their ability to breathe.

As Satoru rushes out of the tunnel, Nekomaru drives by making him alert the Kakuranger that there's something going on inside. Staring, they see two eerie lights but it's merely a vehicle driven by a strange mustache man; but the boy spots the car of the couple on the back of his truck, making the team wonder if something happened. The Kakuranger run into the tunnel as Satoru states this is where it happened; they see pieces of the car and the victims such as sunglasses, high-heels and a strange liquid. Tsuruhime asks if the boy knows who the truck driver was; he states he's a mechanic who lives near his house.

Arriving at the mechanic shop, they see him working on the car wondering if it's fixable. The team doesn't think he's suspicious but Sasuke states he doesn't think Satoru is lying either and it's worth looking into. The mechanic says he'll leave it to them as the team runs off, but he starts laughing suspiciously as he goes inside the shop and calls up Young Noble Junior, telling him the Kakuranger are there and that a child saw him in the tunnel. Junior advises the mechanic to set up a trap as the leader states he'll show them what happens if they go against the Yokai leader.

That night, the Kakuranger rush through the darkness towards the car shop. As Seikai starts spying on a door, a spider comes down before transforming into the mechanic who spits out a web from his mouth making the ninja scream and alerting the other Kakuranger! Sasuke and Jiraiya rush to their teammate's aid as the mechanic turns into his true form as the Spider Yokai Tsuchigumo; which the Announcer reveals as a mountain Yokai that traps unsuspecting travelers in webs and eats them. Tsuchigumo attacks Sasuke and Jiraiya before spitting out more webs which they escape; the duo attack but are pushed away while throwing the Yokai into the wall forcing pursuit.

As the battle in the car shop occurs, Saizou meets with Tsuruhime stating that five people have gone missing in the area. Sasuke and Jiraiya alert about Seikai's abduction, but Satoru starts yelling out as he's covered in a web cocoon by Tsuchigumo! The Kakuranger rush in and discovers his parents scared and spiders overrunning the place while Tsuchigumo places Satoru in the same truck as Seikai and drives off telling the Kakuranger to catch him if they can. The Kakuranger chase after the truck with Nekomaru, forcing the Yokai to spit webs to slow them down and force them to remove it from their van's windshield as the Yokai gets away.

Nekomaru arrives the next day at a warehouse where they find the truck and possibly where Satoru and Seikai are. But then a red car appears with Junior and Dorodoro emerging from it going inside; Jiraiya nearly charges after angry but Sasuke calms him down saying the Yokai may be leading them all there intentionally as if they're about to spring a trap; but Jiraiya states he doesn't care and he'll do anything to defeat Junior. Tsuruhime reminds them of Zashiki-Warashi as the team charges in minus Sasuke.

As Tsuruhime, Saizou and Jiraiya begin the assault, Saizou wonders where Sasuke is until Tsuruhime thinks he's doing his own thing and they'll just handle it on their own. As they sneak in, Tsuchigumo talks with Junior about using the captured humans to make sausages with his webs as casing, pleasing the leader in wanting to try them. The three Kakuranger sneak inside but Junior soon appears pulling a lever dropping the three of them down; laughing, he states it was a trap and they lead the team there on purpose. He states its' too late to regret their action but then wonders where Sasuke is before dropping it. He then says they're in Tsuchigumo's nest and that the spider Yokai will soon turn them into sausage before closing the hatch and wondering where Sasuke is. Within the nest, the trio remain on guard as spiders start crawling around them forcing them to keep alert. Tsuchigumo rises in the darkness forcing them to remain alert as the Yokai sneaks around, it's eyes glowing as it begins it's assault on the trio before speeding around them! Tsuchigumo laughs as the trio transform to attack.

Outside, Junior walks around before shooting a beam throwing Sasuke down from the roof. NinjaRed states he can fool the others but not him and that they'll finish their battle today. Junior calls him brave before telling him to come forth, making Sasuke transform and he and the Yokai leader charge towards each other, fighting in broad daylight with Junior easily defeating him.

Inside, the three Kakuranger reach the chamber with Seikai and the other trapped victims; Jiraiya fires a Kakulaser but Tsuchigumo spits out more webs disorienting them as Saizou and Jiraiya become captured. Outside, NinjaRed and Junior continue to fight, the ninja being tossed around as the leader states he was mistaken if he was to be beaten before firing a laser to throw him further. Inside, Tsuruhime bares the assault of Tsuchigumo as he threatens to turn her into a sausage before beginning another assault as Seikai yells at her to stop, using his anger to stand and annihilate his bindings before turning into NinjaYellow and slashing Tsuchigumo with the Triangle Cut, knocking him down as they free Saizou and Jiraiya.

Using the Yoki Cloud, Tsuchigumo grows into a giant and draws Sasuke's attention as he's knocked by a massive attack. As the team regroups, they summon the General Beast Fighters, attacking the Yokai in consecutive attacks before summoning Muteki Shogun and destroying the Yokai with the Flaming Shogun Sword, the last regret of Tsuchigumo being his desire to make human sausage. As he dies, the webs dissipate and the victims are all freed and escape from the warehouse.

The Kakuranger meet up with Satoru as Sasuke wonders if he's hurt. He asks where Junior is, but the leader is in a balloon laughing manically with him declaring this battle a tie until next time as the team yells at him to return.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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