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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood, murder and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

Hello, Mushroom-kun (ハローきのこ君 Harō Kinoko-kun) is the eighteenth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


Jiraiya befriends a child-like Yokai who grants good luck as Junior targets it to become its latest Yokai minion.


A boy on a bicycle rides through a sunny day; he rides past several playing baseball before he leaps up with his bike and grabs the ball as it flies towards him. The kids are shocked and surprised, but the boy asks to play along too; he soon starts playing ball and smashes a ball right at Nekomaru while further impressing the other kids with his skills. The Kakuranger show themselves impressed at him as the boy asks if they want to be like him; when they say they do, the boy tells them to stand back as he draws out a mushroom that he blows a dust on the kids with, making them fly in the air. The Kakuranger wonder if the boy is a Yokai, but Jiraiya yelling towards him makes him ride away in fear. The Kakuranger continue to follow the boy to an apartment complex, but he's suddenly attacked by Junior, who sends out Dorodoro to attack him. The Kakuranger fight the Dorodoro and transform while asking Junior why he's there, but the Yokai leader asks why they're helping the boy since he's Zashiki-Warashi, another Yokai!

The Announcer states that Zashiki-Warashi plays pranks in houses but is a nice Yokai ultimately.

Zashiki-Warashi states he helps out kids and gives them good dreams that helps them for the rest of their lives; but Junior silences him and attacks further knocking him to the ground while telling him he'll turn him into a wicked Yokai. Jiraiya decides to protect Zashiki-Warashi but Junior states he'll withdraw but Zashiki-Warashi will be his. At the Yokai Mansion, Junior curses the Kakuranger for having Zashiki-Warashi but to enjoy him since he'll soon be his.

Jiraiya spends time with Zashiki-Warashi while protecting him, riding his bike, fishing, even sleeping while being bothered by girls as they give both flowers. As the duo play soccer with other kids and the Kakuranger watch, Junior appears in his skeleton form and once again states he is there to take Zashiki-Warashi away as promised, ripping open the Earth and forcing the team to transform to avoid the flames and protect the kids. As a squad of Dorodoro appear, Jiraiya is asked to run away with the Yokai boy, but the two are approached by Junior stating it is futile to run and telling NinjaBlack to give Zashiki-Warashi up, forcing the ninja to fight against the skeleton warrior. Jiraiya defends and tries to attack with his Kakulaser but is easily crushed by Junior who tosses him around before firing a beam holding him with lightning and lifting him in the air until he's thrown down and untransformed. Junior states Jiraiya isn't tough at all before pulling out a chainsaw, telling him to meet his friends again on the other side. Jiraiya wonders if he'll be defeated here as Junior bids his enemy farewell; but Zashiki-Warashi stops the attack; the boy Yokai states he doesn't care what happens to himself as long as no harm comes to Jiraiya. Jiraiya yells at him to not do this or he'll turn into an evil Yokai but Junior knocks him down and asks the boy Yokai if he's telling the truth. Junior realizes he's a Yokai that doesn't lie and turns his chainsaw back into his guitar and spares Jiraiya's life stating that he should thank Zashiki-Warashi for this and telling the Yokai they'll meet at his place even as NinjaBlack tells him not to go.

Zashiki-Warashi stands before a river, thanking Jiraiya for knowing him for a short time while turning into his true Yokai form. A lightning storm begins to crack at the Yokai Mansion as Junior gathers the anger and resentment of living beings to give Zashiki-Warashi evil power, placing a bone into his body during a ceremony that transforms him into an evil form. Elsewhere, the Kakuranger search for the Yokai not knowing where he is; but he suddenly appears as a giant in his evil form, attacking buildings through the city. The Kakuranger immediately transform, but are attacked as Junior calls out for them stating they can't defeat this Yokai, Zashiki-Warashi showing his human form as Junior states he can't revert to being a good Yokai anymore and they will die to the hands of a Yokai that they love as he continues to attack them on the ground. Jiraiya yells at Zashiki-Warashi to get a hold of himself but he keeps attacking the city. Sasuke realizes they have to fight but Jiraiya tells him not to since the Yokai did it to save his life. The children that played with Zashiki-Warashi rush to Jiraiya telling him to save the Yokai; convincing Jiraiya to save their friend while having Tsuruhime get the kids out of the way.

The Kakuranger transform and the team soon summon the Beast General Fighters, charging at Zashiki-Warashi who soon adjust his sneakers and performs a leap attack at the team. The kids yell at the Yokai to stop but he destroys more rubble, burying them under as the kids keep pleading at him. Seeing the trapped children, Zashiki-Warashi remembers the fun he had with the other children, turning him back into his good Yokai form but making him fight with his bad form as he starts attacking recklessly. Jiraiya yells at Zashiki-Warashi to return to how he was as Tsuruhime uses her Beast General Fighter to save the children from the rubble. The kids keep yelling at Zashiki-Warashi making him continue to remember who he is until he falls to the ground, vanishing as he shrinks and changes back into his human form with his tears.

The kids and Kakuranger return to Zashiki-Warashi as the Yokai tries to apologize but sees the damage he has caused first-hand. Junior appears before them again shocked that human feelings would reach a Yokai heart; Zashiki-Warashi grows once again in his good form charging at the Yokai leader, but Junior fires beams from his eyes, destroying the good Yokai and shocking Jiraiya, the other Kakuranger and the children.

As the sun sets, Jiraiya finds Zashiki-Warashi's fallen body, the Yokai apologizes but states this is how it should be. As the other kids appear before him, Zashiki-Warashi weakly holds hands with them thanking them and stating he had fun before falling dead. Continuing to hold his lifeless hand as the other Kakuranger approach, Jiraiya and the children mourn their friend as he turns into lights that disperse and turn into a mushroom, making Saizou realize he was the spirit of a mushroom. Sasuke assures the children and Jiraiya that Zashiki-Warashi isn't dead and Tsuruhime states if they keep playing and dreaming, the mushroom will turn back into Zashiki-Warashi. Jiraiya curses Junior for doing this as Sasuke and the other Kakuranger confirm they will defeat the Yokai leader.


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Kakuranger DVD Vol 2

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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