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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Demon Sword and Underwear!! (魔剣とパンツ!! Maken to Pantsu!!) is the seventeenth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


A Yokai targets Saizou due to the actions of his ancestor, leading to NinjaBlue to rely on an amateur photographer to help him defeat her.


A car is shown driving through town while the Kakuranger are working at their crepe stand in Nekomaru, with Sasuke noting Saizou hasn't been around. A horn beeps and Saizou drives up in a new white car wearing a suit and sunglasses surprising his teammates; Tsuruhime asks what he's been doing while Seikai wonders where he stole the car from, but NinjaBlue states he bought it with savings that he'll be using to drive with a cute girl before leaving. Driving out to a nearby pier, Saizou spies a beautiful woman in red, which he considers a lucky find as he stops and flirts to pick her up. The woman immediately summons a sword slicing the car's roof off and slashing it apart as a boy named Toru starts taking pictures of her doing this. Saizou yells at her for destroying the car before she slashes at his suit, shredding all his clothes except for his underwear as she laughs and Toru continues to take pictures. Nekomaru soon appears making the woman and the kid run off as the team laugh at the near-naked Saizou crying about his new car being ruined after only a half-hour of owning it!

As the Kakuranger drive off in Nekomaru, Tsuruhime speculates the mystery woman is a Yokai as Saizou continues to lament. The team stops as Toru rushes up with the pictures he took of Saizou trying to sell it back to him; he offers 10,000 yen; which Saizou wonders if he has that money before the boy decides to sell it to the cute girls in town making him further frustrated by the blackmail. Saizou decides to chase after the boy, with Jiraiya noting kids are scarier today than Yokai. Saizou continues to chase the boy into a forest losing track of him until the woman appears before him again; Saizou recognizes her as she transforms into her true Yokai form of Amakiri; she states she can finally avenge her shame to the defeat of the Saizou Kirigakure line; stating that she fought Saizou's ancestor who cut off her arm and she has never forgotten what he had done.

The Announcer states that Amakiri usually just cuts nets and laundry line ropes, but she has become quite scary due to her desire for revenge.

Saizou transforms to fight back but is slashed and struck by the Yokai until the other Kakuranger appear to assist. Amakiri uses her Split Swords attacking the Kakuranger and forcing them to withdraw, making the Yokai continue to swear revenge.

Saizou wonders how they'll defeat Amakiri, but Sasuke realizes that they can use the photo, stating if the boy has pictures of Saizou then he also has pictures of Amakiri slicing up the car earlier; making Tsuruhime realize that by studying those pictures, they can figure out a weakness. Saizou approaches Toru about the pictures; but the boy states it will cost, asking for up to 100,00 yen stating that he needs it for a new camera so he can be a real photographer before stepping on his foot. The head of Young Noble Junior soon appears in the sky zapping Toru making him vanish. At a Yokai base, Amakiri dances with other Yokai as Junior appears with the boy dropping him in front of her and her groupies reveal themselves to be Dorodoro. Junior advises Amakiri to be careful with the Kakuranger searching for a weakness, making her look at the photos but laugh; she and Junior realize the photos were all out of focus and thus they have nothing to worry about. Amakiri states she has an idea of what to do with the boy as the Announcer reveals him as now a hostage and being used to draw out Saizou for a duel with Amakiri.

NinjaBlue finds the boy in a warehouse and appears to get him but Amakiri drops the out-of-focus photos, stating that her weakness can't be found by his terrible pictures and that the Demon Sword can only be experienced firsthand. Amakiri starts attacking Saizou, tossing him around and easily deflecting his attacks until he throws explosives to distract her while freeing Toru from the bondage while stating that by taking pictures of her, it could find a weakness to exploit. Toru states he's scared but the Yokai charges towards both of them continuing her attack as he states that a true photographer must experience turmoil in order to get what they want from their job.

Saizou and Toru continue to run until Amakiri attacks them; the boy gets away as NinjaBlue continues to fight the Yokai and throws him around. Saizou states he'll do his best as Toru does his best, rushing the Yokai as he transforms and being continuously slashed by Amakiri. Toru remembers Saizou's words to believe in himself and his ability as a cameraman as he starts taking pictures of the fight even as NinjaBlue gets tossed around. Showing the photos to the other Kakuranger, Toru develops them in Nekomaru as they realize he finally got photos in focus. Sasuke realizes that her swordship is too fast and may be impossible to defeat. Saizou tries to run on water to escape but Amakiri keeps attacking; all while Sasuke notices something that could be a weakness. Saizou continues to be beaten up being thrown down a hill of gravel as he keeps being attacked until the other Kakuranger finally arrive to knock her away. Sasuke gives Saizou a photo making him realize something as Sasuke torments the Yokai for holding a grudge for so long as the rest of the team transforms. Amakiri keeps tormenting them that they can't defeat her Demon Sword as she summons Dorodoro to deal with the team.

As the sun starts to set, NinjaBlue and Amakiri prepare for a final showdown in a standoff. The two charge at one another until Saizou flips over her attack, blocks her arm and then kicks her before using his Square Cut to further weaken and defeat the Yokai. Amakiri asks how her Demon Sword was defeated; with Saizou revealing that when she uses the Demon Sword, her underarm is exposed, making it a weak point. Amakiri soon uses the Yoki Cloud to grow, making the team summon Muteki Shogun and take her down instantly with the Flaming Shogun Sword as the Yokai shows regret for losing again.

Back at Nekomaru, business is booming as Toru rushes back and Saizou congratulates him for having courage to help defeat the Yokai. As thanks, Toru lowers the price for Saizou's underwear 15,000 Yen each, making him try to get them back as he claims he was joking and he comedically throws the photos through the entire stand.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 2

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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