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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of alcohol use, blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Red Monkey's Oni Extermination (赤猿の鬼退治 Aka Saru no Oni Taiji) is the sixteenth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It is the conclusion of the story introducing the Flowery Kunoichi Team and the battle with the powerful Shuten Douji Brothers.


With his four teammates captured by the Shuten Douji Brothers, Sasuke must avoid them and the Flowery Kunoichi Team in order to come to their rescue.


After throwing Sasuke off the bridge, the Flower Kunoichi-gumi untransform and appear to search to make sure Sasuke perished; but discover that there was a Body Switch jutsu used but notice a blood pattern showing he was injured from the fall. Sasuke continues to run but keeps track of the kunoichi and his injuries, realizing the blood trail he left. Ripping off a part of his scarf, he bandages his hurt leg and continues to run; the kunoichi realizing they have to keep following his trail but Sasuke revealing he hid so the would lose his trail.

At the Shuten-Douji's base, the Flower Kunoichi-gumi return with Sasuke pursuing them but hiding so that he isn't spied by the Dorodoro guarding the facility. The kunoichi report how Sasuke is injured and that if he tried to leave the forest, their youjutsu would take effect keeping him trapped within. Ayame reports that Junior is nearby and they have to report while Sasuke writhes in pain telling his team to hold out longer. Looking at the ceiling, the ninja sneaks into Nekomaru and takes out supplies before sneaking into an air duct, crawling through it until he hears the laughter of the Shuten-Douji brothers; staring down, he discovers them with the other Kakuranger while he continues to endure the pain and bleeding of his knee, forcing him to treat it with a bandage. As he sees his captured teammates, Sasuke recalls how the other Kakuranger were captured by the scheme; while the Shuten-Douji laugh and he wonders how he can defeat them and their United Blade, realizing that working together, their power is just that much stronger and also realizing the problems of the Flower Kunoichi-gumi also pursuing them.

As Sasuke makes a realization, Junior yells at the oni below for not finishing Sasuke off before turning to the Kakuranger, calling them pathetic while Sasuke realizes that he is the mastermind controlling the Yokai now. Junior tells off the Shuten-Douji stating that they're pathetic and until they find and defeat Sasuke, they can't declare victory against the Kakuranger. Professor Yugami states he will defeat them with his new weapon while the Yokai leader tells them to take all the time they need and finish the others off first before he and the professor leave. With them gone, Sasuke continues to crawl through the air duct until he finds a point and uses a drill bit to create a hole near his teammates. In the hole, he lowers a small thin blade that he drops onto Tsuruhime; the kunoichi realizes what's happening as the oni continue to ignore by drinking their sake and allows for them to cut their ropes in secret.

The Flower Kunoichi-gumi return to the Shuten-Douji base but here a suspicious laughter tormenting them, telling them he's there, making Ayame realize it's Sasuke. The Shuten-Douji rush out knowing Sasuke is nearby and the team doesn't know what's going on. Sakura realizes he's using the "art of the Cicada" as Sasuke tells the Shuten-Douji he's right there, leading them all to the side of their base where the Kakuranger are waiting, freed and transforming for combat! The kunoichi wonder how they escaped, but Sasuke yells at them for hurting his team and he won't forgive them for that. The Flower-Kunoichi-gumi transform and the Kakuranger and Yokai squad combat against one another. As the teammates clear the Dorodoro, Sasuke fights the Shuten-Douji brothers; angered he won't be defeated, he summons his Flaming Whirlwind; which the oni brothers return attacking NinjaRed back. The duo begin their United Blade technique, slashing Sasuke until he uses his Ninja Clone technique to surround them until they use the Clone United Blade, attacking both of them together and then using the Full Moon Cut to defeat both opponents.

The two decide to use the Yoki Cloud to grow, forcing the team to summon their Beast General Fighters and then combine with them to fight against the opponents together. At Professor Yugami's command, the duo gain new metallic weapons to combat the Kakuranger, the younger gaining a buzzsaw and the elder a drill that push the team back and slash against them and crush the giant fighters. After Tsuruhime is knocked down, Red Saurder tries to attack but is surrounded by the brothers, the younger holding the Kakuranger down as the elder prepares to attack with the drill; but Red Saurder gets out of the way forcing the drill to burrow right into the younger's body! While the Shuten-Douji are distracted, the team switches to the Giant Generals and declare they have the true teamwork by forming Muteki Shogun; as the oni charge towards them, they use the Flaming Shogun Sword to destroy both at the same time.

As the Kakuranger leave the forest, Saizou states he doesn't want to go back to the forest while Tsuruhime claims that this is why she believes in teamwork and they need to work harder to improve the team's work, shocking the team and comedically making the sign return to where it was. Sasuke and Tsuruhime talk about defeating Junior and how to defeat him. Back at the Yokai Mansion, Junior is playing the piano, stating that with the defeat of the Shuten-Douji, the squad must reconsider their future. The Flower Kunoichi state they'll defeat the Kakuranger next they defeat but Junior states there is no need to rush as the five surround him while he states there are still stronger Yokai out there and tells the five to take a rest. At the snap of a finger, the five reveal their true form as cats, as Junior states he'll make the Kakuranger suffer even more soon and to look forwards to it while turning back to his skeleton form.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 2

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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