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Egos' Hellish Cooking (エゴスの地獄料理 Egosu no Jigoku Ryōri) is the fifteenth episode of Battle Fever J. It is notable for two major changes to Battle Fever's finishers: first their Penta Force switching from a cannon to a spinning boomerang-like projectile; and more notably the first usage of Battle Fever Robo's Denkouken as the main team finisher with the introduction of its finishing move: the Chinese Bamboo Slice.


When Kyousuke discovers children becoming sick after eating escargot from a French food demonstration, he tries to discover the reason behind it.


Egos brings in a beautiful sharpshooter from France named Catherine. They use her as part of a French cooking demonstration that hands out samples of escargot. One spoiled portly little boy, who doesn’t appreciate the food he’s got, and is only interested in rich food like Escargot, devours all of her samples. Shortly thereafter, his fingernails turn blue, and he’s marked with the Egos mark. Kyosuke (Battle France) discovers the distraught little boy and begins investigating Catherine. When Shiro eats one of the escargot, they discover that they’re not tainted at all. So Kyosuke goads the spoiled little boy into springing the Egos ploy. Egos reveals that the poison is not in the food but on the fork, and they try to entice the boy into joining Egos and converting his friends. However, Catherine turns out to be an undercover Interpol agent and helps save the boy.


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  • Viewership: 11.9%
  • The finisher attacks in this episode gain massive changes that affect the rest of the season:
    • The Penta Force finisher changes in this episode from a cannon to a spinning projectile.
    • Battle Fever Robo's Denkouken, initially seen in episode 5 during the initial battle with Buffalo Robot, becomes the finisher instead of Cross Fever; while Cross Fever is still utilized, it becomes an attack prior to the finisher as of this episode and will eventually be phased out.

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Battle Fever J Volume 2, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 2 features episodes 12-22. [1]


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