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The Deadly Cannon of Love (愛の必殺砲(バズーカ) Ai no Hissatsu Bazūka) is the fourteenth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


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Gai blames himself for Kaori's loss. The team sits together at base, Ryu tells Gai it's not his fault. On the Vyram spaceship, Maria and Radiege are at odds, as she is very smug about the capture of White Swan, and Radiege has his personal vendetta about the Jetmen. Gure watches their posturing alertly. Maria sends the camera monster out to cause more havoc. Gai catches up with them and shouts, "Give her back to me!" "Beg for it, boy." Gai goes to his knees and Maria kicks him. The other Jetmen arrive only to hear Maria tell Gai if he wants Kaori back, he'll have to fight his teammates. To their horror, he does attempt to attack them. But he cannot really fight, hysterical as he is he knows, as Ryu points out, "they won't give her back to you!" They return to the Sky Camp, where they analyze the readings they've taken of the Camera monster. There is a weakness, if only they have a gun powerful enough to shoot it. Their guns are too small. The robot is too big.

Maria attacks the city again to draw out the Jetmen. When they arrive she sets the Camera monster at them. They fire their guns together and the monster's beam is losing ground against their combined attack. Gure comes between their shot and Maria, preventing her from being injured in the melee. However, the Jetmen are knocked out of their costumes in the blast, and the Camera gets Lyta and Ako! Chokan shouts into her communicator, "Ryu! Gai! RUN!!!!!" They flee as fast as they can.

Maria asks Gure why he helped her out. He explains that he really enjoyed her piano playing. On the ship, the other Vyram consider this to be a curious development.

Gai and Ryu are working on Ryu's Jet-Speeder, the small dragster Ryu drives to battle. They are turning it into a cannon, but the initial plan was for it to be held by all five of them, and they must adapt it to the situation as it currently is. Maria accesses their screens and shows them Kaori's photograph. She threatens to burn it, animating the photo so that they can hear Kaori crying for help as the flames sprout up around her. Gai cannot bear it, and he races out to answer the Vryam challenge. Chokan orders Ryu to stay put and work on the cannon.

Gai meets with the Vyram minions at a dump-site. Maria keeps him semi-helpless by threatening to destroy Kaori's photo if he changes into costume. He fights them valiantly, but eventually is on the verge of collapse when Maria tells the Camera to take him at last. Ryu arrives in the dragster just in time to see Gai vanish. Ryu ignores Maria's threat and aims the cannon at the Camera. When he fires, the backlash throws him against the hill behind the cannon. Gure again protects Maria from the shot, but this time the impact is powerful enough to knock both of them for a loop, leaving her unconscious and Gure with an arm to put back on. The photos vanish, and the some dozen + people appear. The Jetmen hustle them away and turn to fight, Gure is able to inflict considerable damage even one-handed. Ako manages to hit Maria a few times. Lyta and Gai do some double-teamwork to inflict serious damage on the Camera monster. When they all fire the weapon together, the monster is badly damaged so that it has to go big. They call in their planes to defeat it, forming a fiery phoenix.

Gai tosses stones into the lake. Everyone is thanking Ryu. When Kaori does he insists that actually Gai did much of the work. He moves over to where Gai stands, offering him a handkerchief to wipe the blood and dirt from his face. But Kaori chooses that time to come out and say that she really LIKES Ryu. (As if we hadn't noticed) Furious, Gai jumps on his motorcycle. He throws his helmet on the ground and rides off recklessly, but he can't outdistance the pain. He crashes his cycle, and lying on the ground, crushes a tiny daisy crying, "Why don't you think of me?!"

Gure gathers his arm up and restores it to his body. Then he gathers up the unconscious Maria and carries her back to the Vyram spaceship.


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