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Marriage of the Beauty and the Beast (美女と野獣の結婚 Bijo to Yajū no Kekkon) is the fourteenth episode of Battle Fever J.


Kyousuke intervenes when an Egos Monster makes it's moves on a female customer intent on marrying her.


In order to breed new Egos members, the Egos kaijin selects a beautiful girl born on Leap Day, Feb 29th., Mizusawa Kumiko, to be his bride (sort of a demonic sex rite). Initially, the kaijin kidnaps and replaces her boyfriend Yohei, to trick her into marrying him. However, when Kumiko’s sister catches him lighting a cigarette with his thumb, Battle Fever works to expose his ruse. Although under Battle Fever’s protection, because Egos still has Yohei, and also targets her sister, Kumiko surrenders and agrees to marry the kaijin in exchange for sparing their lives. Kyosuke (Battle France) begins a search of all the churches and shrines to find Kumiko before the wedding ceremony is complete.


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Battle Fever J Volume 2, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 2 features episodes 12-22. [1]


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