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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

I'm the Young Noble!! (俺は貴公子だ!! Ore wa Kikōshi da!!) is the fourteenth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. This episode introduces Young Noble Junior, the new leader of the Yokai ranks working with the previously introduced Professor Yugami in bringing order to their forces.


While the Kakurangers battle Keukegen, a new enemy named Young Noble Junior appears to take proper command of the Yokai forces.


Seikai is recklessly driving around Nekomaru; Tsuruhime realizes it's a stomachache that Saizou claims is from stuffing himself with sandwiches and meat buns. Seikai continues to fell the pain as he yells out that he has to go to a hospital; but all they reach is a crazy doctor in a clinic who states he just has a stomach ache while telling Tsuruhime to leave them. NinjaWhite tells the others he's examining their teammate as the doctor shows excitement he hasn't had a patient in quite a while all while diagnosing multiple maladies and that they have to operate immediately. Summoning multiple nurses, Seikai tries to run away.

Later, Seikai admits the doctor was a quack who tried to kill him but he starts chasing Nekomaru, shocking the team as he passes them and continues running, making Sasuke realize he's a Yokai. The doctor leaps on a roof and transforms into his true form of Keukegen, spitting out hairballs through the town that go into people's mouths and cause various maladies to his victims and force the Kakuranger to investigate; while the Announcer states Keukegen enjoys making people sick. Catching up to the Yokai, Jiraiya lunges towards Keukegen but he states they're no threat as the team transforms, making the Yokai proclaims he will make them sick and forcing the team to use their Disappearing Act ability to vanish and appear behind him. The team tries to attack Keukegen but he knocks around NinjaYellow making his stomach further pained while the Yokai continues to defend himself with is sutures and knife until NinjaRed uses his Makibishi to hinder movement and Sasuke uses his Full Moon Cut to knock Keukegen away. The Yokai decides to use the Yoki Cloud to grow and attack the city, forcing the team to use their Beast General Fighters to fight back, knocking him down. As the Yokai yells for help, a strange skull appears in the sky that fires lighting at the Beast General Fighters and teleports Keukegen away.

The Yokai appears in a mansion where other Yokai are partying to a strange blonde punk playing an electric guitar. The punk asks if everyone is enjoying themselves before declaring the Earth belongs to them and humanity and the Kakuranger should be eliminated before blasting out more tunes on his guitar. The punk tells Keukegen to dance before hitting him with his guitar, telling the Yokai he's a disgrace for losing to the Kakuranger. Dragging him downstairs, the punk, known as Young Noble Junior, takes him to Doctor Yugami who thanks him for the laboratory and is working on an invention to defeat the Kakuranger. Junior tells Yugami to give Keukegen a new power to defeat the Kakuranger with before stating that the Yokai have regained power since reopening the Seal Door and that they should defeat the Kakuranger and create a Yokai paradise on Earth; stating Fear and hatred are the best and they will torture humans making them their slaves. With Junior gone, Yugami explains who the punk is to Keukegen; the doctor states he rules the Yokai world and he isn't someone you should mess with. As Yugami rewatches the fights of the Beast General Fighters and how Tengu and Kanedama went down, he reveals they need to defeat them with new inventions that will defeat the Kakuranger's weapons.

Keukegen returns to the city as a rampaging giant, making the Kakuranger rush out even as Seikai continues to suffer from his stomachache, making him stay behind. The giant Yokai throws out more sickness to the populace forcing the team to evacuate the city before transforming and helping them. Keukegen declares he'll defeat the Kakuranger as a squad of Dorodoro appears, forcing the team to attack them as he keeps attacking the city. The team sends out their four Beast General Fighters, Battle Saruder charging to attack but Keukegen revealing a cannon on his arm knocking him down! The Yokai declares the invention powerful before attacking the other Beast General Fighters one after another; Sasuke tells them to not give in as the team bring forth the Beast Generals to assist, but Keukegen declares he's invincible before Doctor Yugami throws out chains to bind the Beast Generals and Beast General Fighters, preventing them from moving! Yugami states this is for Tengu and Kanedama as Keukegen uses his Flaming Hell to burn the Kakuranger where they stand in their giants.

Seikai, despite his sickness, charges to them while Yugami continues to electrocute the team and Keukegen declares himself invincible. As the Yokai prepares to finish them off Seikai sends out Battle Kumard who catches the finishing blow and attacks Keukegen, raising him over his head and throwing him down as NinjaYellow and Yellow Kumard join the battle. At Sasuke's order, the team leave the Beast Generals and join the Beast General Fighters, fusing with them and using their powers to break their chains; the team declaring with their souls fused with the Beast General Fighters, they can win using the Saruder Claw, Kark Cut, Logan Kicker, Kumard Head and Gammer Three Attack to attack the Yokai until using the Fighter Crush to finish him off; Keukegen declaring he wanted to spread more diseases.

At the strange mansion, Junior is playing the piano as Yugami apologizes forth previous failure thinking they were going to win this time. Several Dorodoro grab him and carry him away as he asks for forgiveness, but Junior merely enters a jazzier song while the doctor is skirted away; Junior changing into the skeletal Yokai stating he'll finish the Kakuranger off himself. The Announcer states he has no idea who this new Yokai Junior has become, is but he is a new threat to the Kakuranger.


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Kakuranger DVD Vol 2

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.


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