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Tell Me the Way (道を教えて Michi o Oshiete) is the thirteenth episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger


Ahim is kidnapped after going out into town and held hostage. Captain Marvelous leads the other Gokaigers to save her, claiming that he does not want to pay the ransom.


One morning, Ahim leaves the Gokai Galleon to go shopping at a nearby marketplace when she is kidnapped at gunpoint. The kidnapper brings her to a warehouse, where she promptly disarms him of the toy gun he is carrying. When he finds out that Ahim is a space pirate, he confesses to her that he is a chef strapped for cash. Hoping to help him, she calls the Gokaigers and tells them she has been kidnapped for ransom. Captain Marvelous, however, tells the kidnapper that he has no intention of paying the ransom and he will lead the Gokaigers to save her. Suddenly, Ahim and the kidnapper are confronted by Action Commander Zaggai, whom they attempt to run away from. The Gokaigers barge into the warehouse, but Ahim is nowhere to be found. Navi informs them that the Zangyack have been spotted within the vicinity, leading them to believe that they are behind the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Gokai Pink changes into Momorenger and throws her earring bombs at Zaggai before changing into Gosei Pink and using the Windrive card to whisk her and the kidnapper away from the scene. They find a hiding place, but are once again attacked by Zaggai and a platoon of Gormin Sailors. The other Gokaigers then arrive to aid Ahim. Zaggai and his troops are confused when Captain Marvelous warns them about kidnapping Ahim. Not wanting to tell the truth about the kidnapping, Ahim then joins the Gokaigers in dispatching the Gormin Sailors. Afterwards, they change into the Gingamen and use their individual attacks on Zaggai before finishing him off with a Final Wave. When Zaggai is revived and enlarged, Gokaioh changes into Deka Gokaioh to knock him off balance before summoning Gao Lion and becoming Shinken Gokaioh to finish him off with the Rekka Daizantou. Later, the kidnapper apologizes to Ahim, but she quickly forgives him.


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DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Volume 4 features episodes 13-16: Ep. 13: Tell Me the Way, Ep. 14: Now More Road Safety, Ep. 15: A Privateer Appears and Ep. 16: Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai. It was released on October 21, 2011. [1]


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