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Beat Back Bad Luck (ブッとばせ不幸 Buttobase Funō) is the thirteenth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


The Kakuranger support a family who becomes trapped when a Yokai's bad luck forces the father of the household down and makes the mother and son try to keep afloat.


In the dark of a city, a slot-machine Yokai runs amuck yelling about coins while throwing them about, stating that a life without money isn't life. However, he's suddenly attacked by Sasuke who states that he's disturbing the populace and should go; the Yokai stating he's running amuck to deliver misfortune with his "Kanedama Coins", causing misfortune to anyone who receives them. Sasuke says it's enough to stop him but the Yokai runs to get through, he grabs Sasuke but he transforms into NinjaRed, forcing it to use a coin-throwing attack that the ninja keeps deflecting before throwing Red Slicer towards it, only making him hit by a bazooka fired by Doctor Yugami! The Yokai doctor states they put a lot of hard work into the Kanedama Coins and orders the Yokai, Kanedama, to keep throwing them about.

The Announcer explains that Kanedama used to bring wealth to people, but that times and Yokai change in response.

As the bell for the morning rings in the town, Sasuke finds himself in a tree wondering where he is. At a nearby sweets shop, the owners are setting up their ware for the day as the wife eats the sweets, the husband telling her to eat them and get fat for him. Suddenly, the Kanedama Coin activates, making the father feel tired as if he's had enough of life and falls asleep. Sasuke notices and sees what happens; he asks the shopowner's wife if she saw a coin, confusing them while explaining it's a Yokai behind it. A Yokai exorcist named Fukuo Daikichi suddenly appears confirming Sasuke's idea stating he can break the curse and restore her husband to normal; but the wife tells both him and Sasuke to leave them alone and that they can handle their own problems. A crowd rush into the shop towards the exorcist; telling them about their problems as the exorcist confirms that he can get rid of their problem but the wife yells at him to get out.

Fukuo uses his power to remove the Kanedama Coin from one of the houses where a fiance ran away, making her immediately return to her partner, proving his power; while Hiroshi, the boy of the sweet shop, sees and wonders if he can help his father. The male fiance gives Fukuo 30,000 Yen to thank him, but he yells at him for being so cheap in getting her back to him and that he needs to pay him more, including his valuables and even his clothes! The exorcist continues with returning a pet lizard to a woman, who is happy to have him return; but he yells at her for only giving her 100,000 yen. Back at the sweets shop, Hiroshi tries to convince his mother to invest in Fukuo to save their father but she continues to say no and chase him out; the boy asks but the mother states he knows she's worried but they should do their best until his father is better, convincing him to work for his father and the Kakuranger to likewise help them. Saizou and Seikai chase Fukuo out but the exorcist continues to state that the shop is still cursed and he doesn't care what happens to them as Sasuke tells them to find the coin to resolve the issue.

The Kakuranger comb the house, searching high and low for the cursed Kanedama Coin but not finding it fearing what could happen if it were to activate. Tsuruhime wonders where Seikai is but he is helping make the sweets, all while Kanedama activates the Kanedama Coin from afar as Sasuke discovers it within the building. At the Yokai's power, the kitchen explodes with the mother, Hiroshi and Seikai hit, leading to Fukuo returning to ask once again for a Yokai exorcism to defeat the problems. The mother states it was not easy to make the store work but she and her husband did it together and the current problems are nothing compared to that, making Hiroshi console her and confirm that he will keep helping her keep the shop afloat and making the Kakuranger understand the power of family. Fukuo wonders how they'll bake a cake without this, but the Kakuranger throw the exorcist out again, continuing to warn that they'll be sorry without his help.

The Kakuranger soon set up Nekomaru within a nearby park, working Hiroshi and his mother to get their sweets to the locals and to continue supporting the shop. Sasuke notes how well they're selling with Hiroshi stating it's even better than the shop! A Kanedama Coin suddenly hits the van, making it shake and spying on the Yokai forcing them to transform in pursuit. The team bash him with their Ninja Knuckle as a team until he is knocked down leading to a huge bump appearing on the back of his head. Without warning, Nekomaru continues to shake, making people become attacked by the sweets.

Back at the shop, the team worry that they have to reimburse the attacked customers and the costs of the ingredients; Hiroshi claims he'll earn the money but Fukuo returns still asking for the exorcism. Sasuke notices a bandage on his head and rips it off, revealing the same bump the team gave to Kanedama and thus the Yokai and the exorcist as one and the same! Fukuo wonders what they're talking about until they reveal it is through the bump and that he's a ripoff artist to make money, making the exorcist return to his true form and scaring the mother. The Yokai states he won't give in and will cast supreme misfortune on the shop, throwing out more Kanedama Coins and throwing them throughout the shop, tossing Hiroshi's father about before falling asleep. Saizou worries about the extreme misfortune as the mother cries, with Sasuke realize that the supreme misfortune Kanedama's threatening is to kill Hiroshi!

Meanwhile, Hiroshi is delivering papers for money until a truck nearly runs him over, making Sasuke save him and with Kanedama cursing the rescue. The Yokai continues to run until the Kakuranger finally catch up telling him that he shouldn't be cursing people with his coins before transforming. The Yokai states they can't defeat him as the team attack him, but the Yokai defending himself and using his "Pick-Pocketing" power to steal and use their Kakulasers against them! The team appear to vanish using their substitution power before Sasuke smashes him again with the Ninja Knuckle and then uses his Hidden-Style Full Moon Cut to appear to finish him off. Using the Yoki Cloud, Kanedama grows, leading to the team summoning their Beast General Fighters to attack the Yokai with fast attacks and the Fighter Crusher maneuver finishing the Yokai off; the Yokai yelling that Doctor Yugami was supposed to help him win and removing all the Kanedama Coins throughout the town.

The shopkeeper reawakens making Hiroshi and his mother happy as he states he had a good sleep and satisfying the Kakuranger. The Announcer states the owner had no idea of what happened.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 2

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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