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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

Ep. 12: They Came Forth!! The New Beast Generals (出たァ!! 新獣将 Detā!! Shin Jūshō) is the twelfth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. This episode introduces the Kakuranger's newest giant combat machines, the Beast General Fighters, as well as a change within the Yokai ranks with the introduction of Yokai scientist Professor Yugami.


The Kakuranger must save a small town where children are abducted by a Yokai and a mad scientist to summon back the Yokai they've previously defeated.


Several kids are running through town when several Dorodoro wearing clown outfits appear around a rock in the middle of their path before they start rolling it towards them, trapping them inside as they continue to dance about with their backpacks.

At an old mansion struck by lightning, a white-haired scientist with pointed ears tells the captured children to scream, stating he loves when he hears crying children. He works with several Dorodoro until a Yokai named Tengu appears in the lab, asking "Dr. Yugami" about his research who states his greatest invention is nearly ready. Tengu states he's been waiting for this day; he states he may be the strongest but is frustrated that the magazine "Yokai Monthly" doesn't make him out as the strongest, ripping a copy of the periodical apart! He states that's his reason he's going to take down the Kakuranger with a combination of his youjutsu and the invention Yugami is devising which will make him the #1 Yokai. The duo witness on a screen the ninja Sentai approaching, while the Announcer explains more on Tengu and his growing nose.

Meanwhile, the Kakuranger hit a fork a road in Nekomaru; Saizou suggests they go right which they partake before stopping with Sasuke complaining the van isn't very comfortable to drive in. Saizou realizes there's a small town nearby with Seikai stating there's bound to be food in there; but a boy named Masao suddenly runs up to them asking them if they're going into the town. When Tsuruhime asks why he's out there, the boy starts crying as the team finds out that people there are acting strange. They confirm that the boy was at his relatives the previous day and by the time he returned home, all the people stopped talking, including his parents! Once arriving in the town, they reach Masao's house and see no one there or throughout the town. A man rides by on a bicycle but doesn't stop to respond, nor does a nearby construction worker. Masao sees his mom and dad and asks what happened to them but they walk obliviously away from him down the street even as the boy calls for him. Suddenly, an angry mob rushes out towards the Kakuranger, attacking them with various items including sticks, brooms and even a jackhammer, forcing them to defend themselves. Tsuruhime realizes that a Yokai cast a youjutsu upon the town, making Seikai worry that they can't fight other humans and they have to run, fleeing away from the mad crowds. Masao soon encounters the clown-like Dorodoro, who absorb him within their rock just as Sasuke and Saizou hear him as the rock rolls away forcing the team to pursue.

The team chases the rock until it roles up a cliff, where they hear the voice of Tengu proclaiming they've arrived at their grave, appearing with Dr. Yugami. Tsuruhime realizes he's the one who is behind this as the Yokai continues to declare he's sending the Kakuranger to hell. Yugami states he will blow their minds with his invention: a liquid he developed that he pours onto the stone, pronouncing that it will awaken the "Yokai Replicas". The stone explodes and several Yokai return to life with new weaponry, including Kappa, Oboroguruma, Azukiarai, Mokumokuren and Nurikabe. Sasuke wonders if these replicas can defeat them as they use their Doron Changers to transform, Tengu ordering the Yokai Replicas to attack them.

The Kakuranger fight against the upgraded Yokai and the Dorodoro, Sasuke being tossed around and crushed by Kappa, while Mokumokuren throws rocks to throw down NinjaWhite and trap her with his eyes. Oboroguruma rams through Jiraiya before shooting him with the gun on his head while Azukiarai attacks NinjaYellow who becomes shot by the Yokai's laser gun and Saizou becomes caught and blown up by a box created by Nurikabe. Arrogant with his victory, Tengu uses the Yokai Cloud to grow himself and all of the Yokai Replicas, forcing the Kakuranger to summon their Beast Generals, but even the giants have a hard time fighting against Tengu and his army. The team summons their weapons, but Tengu threatens that if they attack, Masao and all of the abducted kids in the town will die, due to the Yokai Replicas being made of these kids, the kids crying out in their pain as they are trapped within their Yokai prisons. Tengu then uses his Yokai Replicas to attack and hurt the Beast Generals while declaring himself the strongest Yokai in the world as the mecha fall to the ground.

The defeated Kakuranger are stared down by Tengu as he prepares to finish them off, shooting at them and causing them to fall once again from the explosion. Sasuke and the Kakuranger worry about the trapped kids and their desire to save them being limitless. Sasuke declares it's time to use the ultimate ninpo, making them remove their Kakuranger Medals and summon the Beast Fighter Jutsu, creating five more compact Beast Fighters (Battle Saruder, Battle Kark, Battle Kumard, Battle Logan and Battle Gammer) before transforming again and rejoining their Beast Generals.

With Sasuke declaring to Tengu it's time for them to show off their powers, the five send out their Beast Fighters, the maneuverability of Battle Saruder allows for him to easily crush Tengu, while Battle Gammer kicks away Kappa and the other Beast Fighters make quick work of the other revived Yokai Replicas. With the opening, the team forms Muteki Shogun; Tengu yells they can't defeat him as he runs into the Flaming Shogun Sword, slashing off his nose as he yells he wishes to become the number 1 Yokai as he explodes. The Yokai Replicas all vanish, saving the trapped children within as they thank the Kakuranger.

Later at the mansion, Dr. Yugami leaves the mansion claiming that even if Tengu lost, he won't, stating he'll invent something that will defeat the Kakuranger as he drives away from the village.


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  • Viewership: 7.1%
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  • The Rock used to trap the kids and chase the Kakurangers was the same one used by Lamy in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.
  • While each of the Kakuranger ended up facing one resurrected Yokai near the climax that had caused them problems prior, Sasuke had trouble with both Kappa & Azukiarai. Due to the former causing him more grief, Seikai ended up fighting the latter.
  • The latest issue of Weekly Yokai magazine is dated May 5th, 1994, the day before this episode originally aired.

DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 2

Kakuranger Volume 2, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 2 features episodes 12-22.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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