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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

Rags are the Best! (ボロこそ最高!! Boro Koso Saikō!) is the eleventh episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


A rag Yokai tries to turn all clothing into disgusting old rags; while Seikai tries to win over a girl running a flea market by selling off his teammates' outfits!


Around an old warehouse filled with hanging rags, a Yokai named Shirouneri wakes up from sleeping; he looks in a mirror wondering who the ugliest is, with it saying it is him which he prides while he picks off more rags to wear on himself while wondering what the world would be like if it was filled with rags. Shirouneri's mirror complains stating that humans dress so nice and no one would understand the Yokai's rag obsession as it laughs, making Shirouneri destroy the mirror in anger.

In the city, Shirouneri in human guise uses a Yokai power called Rag Transformation, turning two women's outfits into rags, then doing the same to a birthday party making the participants cry while delighting in the greatness of rags. The Announcer explains unwashed rags became Shirouneri, who then turned clothes into rags and stating that this is not cool at all.

Back with the Kakuranger, Tsuruhime is trying to do laundry as the males sleep, making her complain she's not their maid. Seikai offers to help NinjaWhite, stating that clothing are "good for recycling" while Tsuruhime wonders what he's talking about. Seikai then reveals that he met a cute girl who was advertising a flea market where one can recycle clothing. Realizing the other Kakurangers are asleep, Seikai steals their clothing and rushes off to the flea market, where he spies the girl in charge and asks for a space to sell clothing, which she obliges to at the cost of 2,000 Yen of profits going back to her to help the children of the world. Seikai shows his pleasure at this and takes her offer while wondering if the girl can be his girlfriend. Shirouneri appears nearby showing disgust at the option of recycling preventing clothing from becoming rags which disgust him.

Back at Nekomaru, Tsuruhime is confronted by Sasuke, Saizou and Jiraiya wondering what happened to their clothing, making her upset in how she was supposed to be doing the laundry and now it's gone before realizing Seikai is behind the disappearances. At the flea market, NinjaYellow has set up his clothing stand to sell off his teammate's outfits as Shirouneri appears before him asking for "free rags" and that he has no other interests but dirty rags. Seikai states the clothing are all in mint condition and is insulted, making the Yokai leave. The other Kakuranger catch up with their teammate as he keeps lowering the cost for the clothing; making someone try to buy Sasuke's jeans for 100 Yen, making the others rush to stop the sale and Saizou trying to stop his brand new boxers from being sold off before they all knock down their teammate who tries to defend his action in "helping the children of the world". The head of the flea market yells at the others to stop fighting and leave Seikai alone.

Elsewhere, Shirouneri uses his "Rag Revolt" ability, making the clothing of the flea market fly up and attack the participants, making the Kakuranger shocked at the new events as the clothing pile up and turn into rags before dragging away towards Shirouneri, who collect them for himself. The flea market leader yells at the man for causing the mess and threatens to send him to the police, making him state "only if you can" before he leaps towards her in his true Yokai form to threaten her. Yelling out, Seikai rips away the rags attacking him to rush to her aid. Seikai tries to attack Shirouneri but is knocked down before the Yokai grabs the woman and runs off with her, making him chase after them until Tsuruhime orders him into Nekomaru to continue the pursuit; with Jiraiya leaping on top to tell the team he'll handle the situation, using a lasso to capture the Yokai but with him catching rags and falling from the van! Shirouneri uses Rag Covering to block Nekomaru's vision, forcing Seikai to leave and continue the pursuit on foot.

Arriving at Shirouneri's home, Seikai is attacked by a ragged futon and tied up with the Rag Futon Roll, with the Yokai tormenting his situation. Throwing down both of them, Shirouneri reveals his hatred of recycling and his love of clothes wearing down into rags, stating he will make Seikai as ugly as him as he uses his power to turn the female's outfit into rags angering NinjaYellow further as the Yokai tells him to shut it and kicks him in his futon. The other Kakuranger soon arrive at the estate but are assaulted by rag tendrils that attack them and bind them up before tossing them about. The tendrils are soon revealed to be Dorodoro, who strike them down with shuriken but with the team abandoning their clothing and turning into Kakuranger underground to attack from beneath! Inside, Shirouneri continues to attack Seikai while telling the woman that he'll use her as an example to destroy all of Japan's flea markets. Angered, Seikai uses "Rag Escape" to free himself from the futon, ripping the ropes and breaking free before transforming into NinjaYellow and kicking the Yokai out of his home!

The team united, Shirouneri uses his Rag Dancing jutsu to confuse and attack the Kakuranger while slashing at them one after another as they vanish, only to reveal their Exploding Jump jutsu leaping about the Yokai while attacking him and throwing him down before using the Kakuranger Ball with Seikai attacking him. Angered, Shirouneri uses the Yoki Cloud to grow; Seikai summons Yellow Kumard where he avoids all of the Yokai's attacks before throwing him to the ground and using his Blazing Ring Ninpo to burn the rag Yokai. The team soon become Muteki Shogun and destroy Shirouneri with the Flaming Shogun Sword; the Yokai stating one last time he is the ugliest in existence.

Later, the Kakuranger bring their own older clothing to the flea market to help the children of the world while Tsuruhime tries to lead Seikai to talk to the girl, but he has a hard time until NinjaWhite blurts out that Seikai wants to be her boyfriend! The girl agrees making Seikai excited until she reveals that she has to go abroad for volunteer work, thus limiting them to being friends and making NinjaYellow cry into the recycled clothing. The Announcer states as he leaves to not give up on old clothing so easily.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 1

Kakuranger Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.


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